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Putin Turns the Media Tides, But Who Is the Real Loser?

Russia's and Vladimir Putin's victory over western agression the last few days is so apparent to all, but perhaps we are missing some greater point? 

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Since the Victory Day celebrations in Moscow on May 9th the western press has reverted to sound reporting, but why? In the Great Game of new world order backstabbing the smart question today is; “What’s next?”

You may not have noticed, but Russia has “Wowed” the world of international détente since the May 9th celebrations on Saturday. In what seems a capitulation by the Obama administration over the Ukraine chaos, news of John Kerry’s “make-up” wreath laying in Sochi has the world in a stir. Despite the positivity of this week’s events though, some are wondering; “what ticks are up Obama’s sleeve how?” Here’s a “not so fast” look at Putin’s latest policy win.

<figcaption>Vladimir Putin joined the Immortal Regiment march with a photograph of his father, who fought in the war. </figcaption>
Vladimir Putin joined the Immortal Regiment march with a photograph of his father, who fought in the war.

The early billing for the 70th anniversary of victory over Nazism from the mainstream was all about Vladimir Putin, but this week the world has warmed to the Russian people, and not just their president. Overnight the rhetoric over VDay70 has gone from the same old Putin bashing, to admiration and astonishment even from a mainstream media previously hell-bent on destroying anything Russian. Even the New York Times and CNN have rebooted to revert to news, rather than anti-Russia propaganda.  After over a year long Russophobic feeding frenzy, it seems corporate media may have been cured for now from the dread that has gripped the western world! If you need proof the plague is over, this New York Times headline should help dissipate any uncertainty:

A Diplomatic Victory, and Affirmation, for Putin

What is this? I know most of you must be pondering how victory in Cold War II could take place overnight, especially when the Nazi beast took half a decade to defeat in World War II. The article in question here even goes so far as to give up Crimea, once and for all, to a Vladimir Putin and his Russia indomitable after all. As NYTs Moscow bureau reporter David M. Herszenhor put it, Putin today is seen as:

“..a national hero, unbowed, firmly in control, and having surrendered nothing, especially not Crimea, his most coveted prize.”

Image icon sochi.jpg
A winning look from Vladimir Putin at the bilateral meeting with Secretary Kerry in Sochi

Remember I said; “Not so fast?

Even despite a veritable landslide of amazingly factual news on Russia the last few days, there are still signs of “spoiled sports” too. This Wall Street Journal piece entitled; “Kerry Is So Very Nice to Putin”, it reeks of sardonic regret over the official visit to Sochi. So before we moderates jump up and down cheering, perhaps we’d better not under or over estimate the power of Washington think tank pondering. What I mean is, Obama and his advisers know they can’t get off that easy after so vehement a mud slinging war. Long and short, there’s got to be a scapegoat somewhere. But who?

With sanctions on Russia (and by proxy the EU) about to be lifted, and Crimea back safely under Russia’s protective wing, Barack Obama has got to lay the blame for conflict on somebody’s doorstep. We’ve dropped dime on NATO sponsoring kill lists in Ukraine. The Putin missile that western leaders said downed MH17 appears more like a cover-up than ever. Isolating Russia, attempting to destroy its currency and economy, spitting on World War II veterans like insignificant bit players in an American epic, all that has backfired now. All this is and far more is on Barack Obama’s head, he has to do the famous Potomac Two Step now. And the only likely suspect for causing war in Ukraine is…

Those pesky Germans. Who could have known that Berlin was capable of pulling the wool over an American president’s eyes? Why all those Nazis in Ukraine burning alive innocent civilians in Odessa, the symbols like the famous wolfsangel, Stefan Bandera fans, these are things Americans know nothing about. Why us good ol’ boys, not many of us even know where Ukraine is. I can just hear Obama addressing the American people now; “Well folks, it looks like there’s still Nazis over there in Germany. How could we have guessed?” Who in the west would have guessed Russia would be on an equal footing with America a year ago? I guess all those instances where Minister Lavrov asserted his country's place were appropriate after all? 

Kerry and Lavrov in Sochi - If ever body language said anything, in stride with the US Russia is today
Kerry and Lavrov in Sochi - If ever body language said anything, in stride with the US Russia is today

There has to be a wedge driven, you see? Not only does Washington need a scapegoat for the messes created worldwide today, but America’s ruling elite have their ongoing strategy game to consider. While you or I may like to consider Ukraine and the new Russia divide an acute happenstance, it’s wiser at this point to assume a bigger game afoot. Obama, the people who make presidents, they have contingencies in place out the wazoo, trust me. I spoke just yesterday with our European political analyst Holger Eekhof on the subject of Merkel-Obama dynamics. Eekhof had this to say about the German Chancellor’s role as a spoiler for Washington:

“Mrs. Merkel has had the most difficult job in Europe for some time. Playing intermediary, appeasing Washington as best she can on the one hand, and averting catastrophe in the east on the other, she’s really been the only moderate in the Ukraine game. And now she is the most likely target for blame, as the Obama administration’s play on Putin crashes in flames.”

To see this move taking shape, we need read nor further than the same New York Times pages Putin’s victory announcement came from. The story; “Pressure Mounts on Merkel to Explain German Role in N.S.A. Espionage”, it’s the set piece for throwing Germany and Merkel to the EU wolves. Add some swastikas here and there, a right wing connection to the Chancellor’s cabinet maybe, and Voila! Obama and his London accomplices have more on Merkel than they did on Putin at any time in the game. Just the suggestion is enough with all of Europe screaming over economic woes. Quoting the NSA piece:

Tensions between Germany and the United States over intelligence cooperation intensified on Wednesday, amid a domestic controversy swirling around Chancellor Angela Merkel and her allies over the scope and oversight of Germany’s role in European spying.

Image icon merkel.jpg
Chancellor Angela Merkel received Israel's President at the Federal Chancellery Photo: Bundesregierung/Kugler

Read on if you wonder if a break in US-German relations is at hand soon. As for strategy, imagine those kids games we used to play in the school yard back when. Betrayal for the mean little kid on the playground came about when plan A did not work. Plan B in this case may equal Germany marginalized and separated from Russia still. As for the logic of such a dastardly move, let’s face it there’s no love lost in between Germany and the rest of her EU partners of late. As Mr. Eekhof put it, “no matter how one looks at it, there are some brilliant strategists in Washington.” Signs Mrs. Merkel is wise to the potential for double dealing arrived this week too via Germany’s sale of to Israel. Merkel defending the sale of weapons to the Jewish state are probably aimed at defending hers and Germany’s stake in the world détente game, truth be told.

In conclusion, sitting here in Germany I see every day an apologetic public in never ending appeasement for the Holocaust. With two thirds of the world in Moscow celebrating destroying the Third Reich last weekend, and the other third waiting to throw the Germans under the world business bus, it’s small wonder two world wars started and ended here. Caught in the middle, in between great powers, this whole foreign relations mess today is a replay of the past. The names have changed, but the pressure to secure resources and profit remains the same.

And I though the day I could say “I told you so” to the New York Times would be fulfilling! While I was trying to tell the truth for Russia, it may turn out those Washington and London think tanks thought farther than I did. How about you? 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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