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Putin: Fake News Writers Worse Than Prostitutes - Trump Doesn't Need Either (VIDEO)

Putin blasted those who released fake news about Trump, saying he never rented Russian ladies - and he's got a great reason why

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

There's one thing you've got to hand to Vladimir Putin - he speaks his mind. And what comes out of his mouth is usually a healthy serving of wit coupled with a hard dose of un-PC reality.

That's what happened at his last press conference with the president of Moldova. Vladimir Putin ripped the so-called intel dossier leaked by the CIA to Buzzfeed, alleging Russia's FSB had evidence of Donald Trump cavorting with Russian prostitutes in a Moscow hotel.

<figcaption>Putin goes gangsta</figcaption>
Putin goes gangsta

Basically, Putin says, Donald Trump had the opportunity to bang any woman he wanted at Miss Universe - what the heck would he need with a prostitute? Although naturally, Russia provides the world's best.

The Russian Prez also slammed the creators of the story, saying they were lower than the alleged prostitutes themselves. 

Hard to argue with such brutally flawless logic. And it's just like something Trump himself might have said.

Somebody remind me how Putin and Trump end up NOT getting along again? 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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