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Putin Hobnobbing with World Leaders and VIPs at the World Cup - a Mini-Summit (Video)

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Seems like everyone wants to meet Putin.


Prime Minister of Armenia congratulates the Russian president start of the World Cup and Russian victory.

Very exclusive scenes are from the presidential sector of Luzhniki stadium after the end of the first match and half time break.

Emomali Rahmon: Congratulations, everything was grandiose, great atmosphere!

President of Tajikistan, Chinese Deputy Prime Minister, Head of Azerbaijan together with his wife and vice president.

Ilham Heydar oglu Aliyev and his wife: Congratulations and thank you.

Sarkozy is also resolute to greet Putin.

Congratulations on the successful start by the president of Bolivia Morales. No matter where you look in lounge it is either (Russian) President or Prime Minister.

At the table during the half break they are discussing the first match of the World Cup. Putin jokes with the Prince of Saudi Arabia. Both of them are laughing loudly.

After Lukashenko recent announcement, there are many topics to talk about. 

The President is like hot cakes. They want to introduce themselves to the Peesident.

Prime Minister of Lebanon Is asking for a selfie.

Putin didn't refuse it. Then he is back talking with presidents of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgizia.

Then president of Moldavia wants to talk with him. It is already announced that everyone should take their seats but conversations prolong. After 5-0 victory over Saudi Arabia guests are leaving but it seems that afterward they had one more common event. 

Putin gathered statesmen of the Russian Commonwealth on a common meeting .

Armenian Prime Minister told on his Facebook page that Putin introduces him to the president of Azerbaijan.

This is important political news. Heads of many other states announced that during the Wolrd Cup they can come to Moscow to support their players.

Thus, Russian capital will be the center of the worlds' sport and center of politics.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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