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Putin: FSB Bags 400 Spies in 2015

According to the president, activities of foreign intelligence services on Russian territory are increasing

President Vladimir Putin said Friday that Russia halted the activity of 400 employees of foreign intelligence services in the country in 2015, the state-run TASS news agency reported.

“Foreign intelligence services are increasing their activity in Russia, and the past year clearly confirmed this,” Putin said at the Federal Security Service (FSB) collegium, according to TASS.

Twenty-three of the 400 secret service agents are now subject to criminal responsibility, according to Putin.

The president also said that Russia's enemies are preparing for the country's parliamentary elections in September.

“It is necessary to stop any outside attempts to interfere in the election process, in our internal political life,” Putin said, according to the news agency.

In addition to that, Putin asked the FSB to tighten control over the flow of refugees to Russia and through its territory to Europe.

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