Putin: 'Europe and Russia Should Definitely Stay Together'

Putin says partnership with Europe will create a safe and vibrant Eurasian continent

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Good morning from Moscow. Today is June 18, 2017. A beautiful, sunny Sunday. 

Helmut Kohl and Vladimir Putin
Helmut Kohl and Vladimir Putin

Today in Russia-related news: Putin says that Former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl significantly changed his own view of the world, especially in regards to Russia's relationship with Europe.

Kohl, who died on Friday, was Germany's Chancellor for 16 years, between 1982 and 1998.

Putin told reporters on Saturday that Kohl was a man of "great depth" and a "profound thinker", and he added that Kohl was not naive to believe that Russia and Europe could enjoy constructive post-Cold War relations:

"No, he was not mistaken. We have always had processes that unfold like a pendulum swinging forward and back," Putin said, answering a reporter’s question whether Helmut Kohl made a mistake believing that he and Mikhail Gorbachev stopped the Cold War between the West and Soviet Union.

"Now the pendulum has swung a bit back towards frost, but I am convinced that it will inevitably find the right balance and we will be joining efforts to face today’s challenges. We will be able to overcome them so and in no other way," he said.

"Unfortunately, not everything from the dreams, we used to dream and talk about, is being implemented. However, I am convinced that his analysis is correct and those positive processes, without which neither Europe nor Russia has any future, will be developing in the European and, I can say, Eurasian continent," the president said.

Koul would say "if we want to preserve our civilization in this turbulent and rapidly changing world with growing centers of power, most notably not just military power, but also economic and cultural one, Europe and Russia should definitely stay together," Putin added.

"I absolutely agree with him. You know our stance that implies we are ready for it. Our partners need to be ready as well and should get rid of phobias of the past," Putin emphasized, reminding that Helmut Kohl urged to brush off those phobias and look forward to the future.

Of course, creating a united Eurasia has been a top priority for Moscow—so Putin's comments should come as no surprise. 

Kohl and Putin


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