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BREAKING: Saudis 'Ready' to Send Troops Into Syria

Riyadh says it is ready to send ground forces into Syria if 'asked' by the US. What -- ISIS needs backup?


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By all accounts, Saudi-supported "moderate" rebels are steadily losing ground to the Syrian Arab Army and its allies. Earlier today it was reported that Syrian forces had successfully carved out a corridor between its main territory held in Aleppo and a tiny Shia enclave adjacent to a larger Kurdish enclave on Turkish border, effectively ending a 3-year siege. In plain English, this means that Syria is one step closer to finally sealing its porous border with Turkey.

A sealed border would mean that weapons and "moderates" would no longer be able to skip into Syria unmolested.

<figcaption>Bad news for Syrian hospitals</figcaption>
Bad news for Syrian hospitals

The Saudis have invested heavily in this war, and now they're on the verge of losing everything. Even with a disastrous "intervention" raging in Yemen, Riyadh has now pledged to send ground forces into Syria, but only if "asked":

This is pure desperation. But more importantly, it's a public declaration from the Saudis that they are prepared to turn a (rather transparent) proxy war into a direct confrontation with Syria, Iran and Russia.

Also, we know this is quaint to point out, but the Saudis would be "fighting ISIS" in Syria? Really?


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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