Murdered Journalist's 2013 Prophecy: The EU Will Destroy Ukraine (Video)

Oles Buzina foresaw the collapse of his countrу's economy well before the agreement with Europe was signed

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Euro integration will destroy Ukraine’s industries, energy rates will sky rocket, travel will become unaffordable, and Ukrainians will never get a visa free regime with the European Union.

These predictions were made in October 2013, when the country was eagerly anticipating the signing of the Euro association agreement by then President Victor Yanukovich. When he failed to do so he was overthrown in a violent coup in February 2014.

The prophet, a famous Ukrainian author and historian Oles Buzina, was assassinated in what looked like a ritual killing by Neo Nazis at the door of his house in April 2015. The criminals were not found.

The 2013-2014 promises of Paradise on Earth are long forgotten.  Ukrainians are being mobilized to resist ‘Russian aggression’ and Vladimir Putin is blamed for the collapse of the Ukrainian economy.

But Oles Buzina’s detailed predictions of the disaster to come is here for all to see.

In May 2016 RI Editor Charles Bausman was awarded Oles Buzina Prize for Excellence in Journalism.

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