Proof That Ukraine and Members of the EU Have Given up Their Sovereignty to the US

The US has successfully infiltrated the governments of many European states with its own citizens

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This is a 9 minute video, although you only have to watch till 7:40 to get the main argument.

It seems state sovereignty in the EU has become a thing of the past. Not only does the EU seem to obey every foreign policy decision the US asks it to, but there are many US citizens, educated in the US, who have become important members of government in certain states. In the Baltic States, namely Estonia and Lithuania, even heads of government were US citizens. Under these heads of government, the Baltic states had joined both the EU and NATO. Of course, there is also Ukraine, which, after the coup in 2014, the new government appointed a US citizen to be finance minister.

Even more striking is these members of government had retained US citizenship even while "leading" their nations. Why does this matter? It matters because when acquiring US citizenship, like all people obtaining US citizenship, they had to take an oath swearing allegiance to the United States and no other country. You can't help but ask yourself, are they really "leading" their nations, or obeying US orders?

This is just a taste of US involvement in many European nations. The video gives even more details of US involvement in the region. One can't help but wonder, when will these nations stand up for their sovereignty?

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