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Fake Clinton Ads Urge Americans To Send Women to Fight Russia

Hillary Clinton is being trolled by the hashtag #DraftOurDaughters, with fake advertisements taking her hawkish foreign policy to extremes. The hashtag trended on Twitter, with many getting riled up into joining a fake war. 

The Democratic presidential candidate did say in the past that she supports all-inclusive draft. A measure allowing women to join the US Selective Service System was approved by the Senate this summer, but was removed from the final text of the NDAA military appropriations bill. 

<figcaption>The decline of the West</figcaption>
The decline of the West

#DraftOurDaughters hashtag accompanied the ads depicting images of women in military fatigues, along with Clinton's campaign logo and slogans including "Hillary's wars are our wars now" and "Join Hillary to fight Russia with our greatest asset: diversity." 

The colors and typeface used in the fake ads matched the Clinton campaign posters so closely, some people seem to have fallen for the trick and believed them to be real. 

"Hillary Clinton Wants To Get More Women In The Military And It's AWESOME" said a community post on Buzzfeed, failing to fact-check the supposed leaked advertisements from the Clinton camp. "My wife would be glad to prove Putin wrong!" the author claims. 

#DraftOurDaughters started trending overnight, with a screenshot of a fake Clinton tweet being widely shared. 

"In a world where the battlefield is dominated by men, we need to #DraftOurDaughters to stand up for #Equality Go Get 'em Girls! -H" read the faux Clinton tweet. 

A number of fake Twitter accounts pretending to be officially linked to Clinton have also shared the fake ads in what seems to be an all-out memetic warfare experiment. 

In keeping with recent news trends, the posters took on an anti-Russian theme, using images of Vladimir Putin and anti-Russian slogans. 


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