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Trump DESTROYS Buzzfeed and CNN at Presser, Denounces as 'Fake News' (VIDEO)

The president-elect turned the tables on the true 'fake news' outlets - the mainstream media

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On Wednesday, Donald Trump held his first general press conference since last summer, and his first as president-elect. Trump and one of his attorneys presented plans for legal mechanisms that would separate Trump as president from his businesses, passing control to his two elder sons. 

However, the presser was dominated by questions regarding a story that had appeared at CNN and Buzzfeed the previous day, about a US intel report which made outrageous new accusations of Trump's complicity with the Kremlin to win the election.

Trump denounced Buzzfeed, the source of the original report, as a "failing pile of garbage." He also singled out CNN for "building it up" and called their conduct "disgraceful":

A tense exchange then occurred when CNN reporter Jim Acosta tried to interrupt with a question, but was closed down by the Donald and labeled as "fake news":

Trump then tweeted the following early Thursday morning:

The "fake news" narrative invented by the mainstream media in their effort to destroy Donald Trump and the alternative media which helped elect him, has backfired. The tide has turned, and the real purveyors of fake news are being called out for who they are. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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