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Post-Soviet Nostalgia: Our Neighbors Are Crying

“I hate you so much that I can’t live without you”

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is a famous Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reporter who resigned from this US Congress funded propaganda institution after some of his stories were censored by what he describes as "RFE/Rl Gestapo” – Ukrainian Service

Post-Soviet Russophobia has one extremely simple explanation. One would think that all countries that become independent would finally breath a sigh of relief: “Thank God!” doing what they had been dreaming of for centuries. They could immerse themselves in their nation’s culture, with its abundance of traditions, restoring what they had lost during the imperial epoch, as they fostered a lonely, self-sufficient pride. But no, they have been dancing in a circle around a state that hasn’t belonged to them for a quarter of a century, cursing it, stoking fear of the simple fact of its existence.

I would call it loss syndrome. Subject cultures are left like orphans, having with the help of childish revolt, created another state with breathtaking horizons, without which life in the new reality would have been devoid of taste and colors.   

Hatred towards Russia is just a way to stay connected to it, at least through denial, the dazzling happiness of geography, history, music, literature, without which every nation, minus Russia , loses its depth,

Logic drives them to say things like: “Mind your own business”, but the feeling of intolerable loss forces them to knock on the lost paradise’s doors and windows again and again. They stand in the doorway in ragged clothes, with a crazy, wry smile on their Georgian or Ukrainian lips, stretching their hands in silent desperation and crying spitefully and helplessly: “I hate you so much that can’t live without you!”  

Even the nightmare of Soviet power, which trod on Russian culture, was a giant, unbelievable spurt into the future, a strange yet friendly force for many nations.

Of course, they cannot understand that.

By the way, those they are planning to corrupt with their hatred of Russians will sooner or later  tell them they should behave better. Europeans will say: “Bumpkins! Go back to these scary Russians. Let them teach you how to be human.” But they have no place to go. The children shot their parents, who didn’t notice.  

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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