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Post-Maidan Ukrainians Eager to Help ISIS Kill Russians

Identifying Russian soldiers in Syria hoping terrorists can track them down upon return to Russia

Originally appeared at The Unz Review

In recent days, the Ukrainian “Peacekeeper” (Mirotvorets) website has started posting the personal data of Russian fighter pilots fighting terrorsts in Syria.

For those not in the know, “Peacekeeper” is a website that collects profiles on the enemies of the Ukrainian junta. Ranging from “terrorists” to dastardly “supporters of federalization,” this includes people from Putin to opposition journalists such as Oles Buzina, who was coincidentally assassinated shortly after his appearance there.

They started doing this – also surely coincidentally – immediately after a senior Maidan politician Anton Gerashchenko, and a top advisor to the Interior Ministry, published a Facebook post in which he recounted how a friend suggested to him to “help ISIS take revenge on Russia by the canons of sharia,” and Gerashchenko decided it would be a great idea.

I invite everyone who has information about Russian citizens taking part in Russia’s undeclared war against the Syrian people to report them to the Peacekeeper website, where a separate section on Putin’s crimes in Syria and the Middle East will soon be created.

This is not in the least surprising from a regime that welcomes Islamic radicals to come in and fight against those Ukrainians seeking to escape the Banderite madhouse, as even the NYT has been forced to acknowledge.

That Facebook post is still up, incidentally. It’s not as if a prominent pro-Western politician calling for helping ISIS is equivalent to Germans complaining about mass immigration, even if he did miss Washington’s memo to start calling them “moderate rebels.”

Gerashchenko is presumably still as free as ever to travel to the EU, as he and other Ukrainian Nazis do regularly, while artists who as much as voice support for the Donbass resistance find themselves either sanctioned (if they’re foreigners like Kobzon) or get their concerts cancelled (like Val Lisitsa).

It also demonstrates the sort of bottom feeders who have been appointed to rule Maidanist Ukraine – a cargo cult that in its essence begins with primitive village-like hatred of neighboring peoples, and will surely end like this:

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