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Posh Pig Molester Praised as Perfect Fit For Next NATO Chief

We couldn't agree more

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Responsible neocons and Raytheon salesmen are already anxious about who will lead the international cartel of war criminals after Jens Stoltenberg steps down in 2018 or whenever. 

But like the final bars of a complex Bach fugue, sometimes the universe creates harmonic resolutions to the world's most pressing issues.

<figcaption>Jailbait swine. David's favorite. </figcaption>
Jailbait swine. David's favorite.

According to UK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon, famous pork porker and co-destroyer of Libya David Cameron would "make a good" NATO chief. 

It's a perfect fit. Like peas and carrots, or Hillary Clinton and Saudi blood money. It's not a coincidence — it's fate. Destiny. 

We'll let the Daily Mail take the wheel:

The Defence Secretary has endorsed David Cameron as a future Secretary General of the Nato alliance, saying the ex-PM still has a 'lot to contribute'.

Sir Michael Fallon revealed he speaks regularly to Mr Cameron about defence matters despite his decision to quit politics after losing the EU referendum.

Mr Cameron has been tipped as a possible successor to Jens Stoltenberg, Norway's former prime minister.

Asked if we would back Mr Cameron for the job, Sir Michael said: I’m sure he’d made a good one. I haven’t seen what his future career plans are.

'But we’ve got a Secretary General at the moment and he’s not due to hand over for some years yet.'

He added: 'He’s still a relatively young man. He’s still got a lot to contribute, and I have regular discussions with him, he still takes a very strong interest in defence and security.'

On the one hand, David Cameron still has a lot to contribute. But on the other hand, he's still a relatively young man — and there are so many dead pigs that he hasn't met yet on Tinder. 

Life is full of difficult choices.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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