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Portland, Oregon: Patriot Group Violently Attacked, Persecuted in Courts by Jewish Anarchist Cabal

Abram Goldman-Armstrong (pictured below), owner of the "antifa" bar Cider Riot, is finally calling it quits. This comes after multiple violent incidents, including a murder, involving his business.

It is unclear why Goldman-Armstrong has yet to be held criminally liable for the violence he knowingly hosted in his bar. Last September, an investigation by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission found that during the May 1st "riots" at the establishment, Goldman-Armstrong knowingly hosted a number of patrons openly brandishing illegal weapons inside, personally helped provoke attacks on Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer members, and then lied to the police about everything.

Video footage from the incident shows masked anarchists under Goldman-Armstrong's supervision assaulting bystanders on the sidewalk with mace, robbing a student of his camera then committing battery on him, and a multitude of other offenses. 

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Incredibly, six members of [the patriot group] Patriot Prayer seen in the footage not committing any crimes- including leader Joey Gibson - are being charged with felonies related to the May 1st incident. Not a single member of Rose City Antifa or RASH (a communist skinhead group known for starting fights then badly losing them) has been arrested. Even more farcical is Goldman-Armstrong's offensive $1 million dollar civil lawsuit aided by extremists in the Oregon Justice Resource Center against Patriot Prayer in relation to the same episode.

Portland Antifa 'demonstrators'

The judge overseeing the complaint, Andrew Lavin, is Jewish like Goldman-Armstrong, and refused a motion by Gibson to move the trial out of the city due to the fact that it is impossible for him to get a fair court proceeding in a city where Donald Trump won 17% of the vote in the 2016 general election.  

While he has shown a great deal of brazenness, things have been spiraling out of control for Goldman-Armstrong.

On October 12th, a member of the anarchist gang Rose City Antifa named Sean Kealiher was run over by an SUV during a shootout near the Cider Riot bar. Lawyers for the man who fired his gun, a RASH named Hyatt Eshelman, claim that the incident was not political. Their side of the story is that there was a verbal altercation between anarchists, which included Kealiher, and a number of random men, which then culminated in them hitting Kealiher with their car. Eshelman claims that he then fired into the SUV in retaliation, which caused it to careen into the Oregon Democratic Party offices.  

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Witnesses contradict some of these claims. According to a man sleeping outside, they saw the aforementioned anarchists trying to get the unconscious Kealiher to walk so they could flee the scene. They were seemingly concerned about bringing police and emergency services to the area by dialing 911, which some have speculated has to do with the increase in scrutiny the bar has been under. They then loaded him into a car and drove him to a hospital where he died.

An emergency medical care expert told National Justice that trying to move a person whose been struck by an automobile without training is a surefire way to kill someone that could've otherwise survived.

Eshelman's lawyers also stated that the confrontation happened three blocks away, but Cider Riot is located on the block adjacent to the scene of the SUV crash. 

Unverified social media rumors claim the men driving the SUV that ran Kealiher over were black and the altercation began inside the anarchist drinking establishment. 

Portland's ruling class initially received the news of "Armenio's" - Kealiher's street name - death with excitement. Mayor Ted Wheeler, accused by many of being sympathetic to the anarchists that seemingly run his city, expressed loud condolences when the news first broke, something he doesn't do for other murder victims in his city. The early reaction was motivated by the potential to make political hay out of the situation, though it is now clear that politics were not involved. 

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Kealiher's mother, Laura Kealiher, has publicly called on witnesses to keep quiet about who killed her son or how he died. Her role in the conspiracy to stonewall the police suggests that she is a fanatic protecting her fellow activists. Kealiher was nicknamed "13" due to the fact that his mother was taking him to violent political rallies since he was 13-years-old. 

For now, it looks like Abram Goldman-Armstrong and his many enablers will remain above the law in post-legal America. 

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