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Poroshenko's Party Now Polling at a Miserable 9 Percent

Fortunately for him all the other parties are just as unpopular

Ukraine's first post-Maidan PM, Arseniy "Our Man Yats" Yatsenyuk was famously forced to resign last year when his popularity dropped to single digits. Ukraine's first post-Maidan president is getting there too.

If parliamentary elections were held today his "Poroshenko Bloc" party would get just 9.3% of the vote:

The Poroshenko Bloc, the president’s eponymous party, would earn 9.3% of those likely to vote, while the Russian-oriented Opposition Bloc would earn 8.4%. The pro-EU, reform-oriented Civic Position party led by former Defense Minister Anatoliy Grytsenko would earn 8.3%.

The Russia-oriented For Life party led by media mogul Vadym Rabinovych would earn 7.7%, the populist Radical Party led by Oleh Liashko would earn 7.3% and the pro-EU, Self-Reliance party led by Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi would earn 5.8%.

9.3% is way down from the 22% the coalition around Poroshenko secured in 2014.

In fact Ukrainians are so fed up with their politicians no party is polling higher than 11.2 percent—that is the percentage of votes Yulia Timoshenko's "Fatherland" party would get.

In other words, the one thing the Ukrainian president has going for him is that his competition is as unpopular as he is.

The next parliamentary elections in Ukraine are scheduled for 2019, but 48% of the people wants early elections.

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