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Poroshenko: Ukrainians Who Oppose NATO Threaten Ukraine's Security

Poroshenko will not tolerate anyone who supports Ukraine's previous status as a non-aligned nation

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Poroshenko is now competing with Yatsenyuk for the "most absurd thing to come out of a Ukrainian's mouth-hole" award:

Advocates of Ukraine's non-aligned status must now take responsibility for the fact that the level of security in the country has dropped to a critical level. This was stated by the president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko.

<figcaption>The chocolate king wants everyone to love NATO as much as he does</figcaption>
The chocolate king wants everyone to love NATO as much as he does

"We have to build our country's defenses. We have canceled the infamous non-aligned status, and those who talked and argued about the non-aligned status, must now bear responsibility because they, together with those who destroyed the Armed Forces, allowed the critical lower level of security for which today the entire country is paying. We will build Ukraine together with the Ukrainian people," said Poroshenko.

Ukraine: Sounding more like Europe every day...

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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