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Poroshenko Begs for NATO Intervention in Ukraine

The Ukrainian president continues to plead for support from NATO and wants investors to sink more money into a country on the brink of default

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

“I think that [Russia is] preparing for an offensive,” Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko, claimed again recently during a BBC interview. He also reiterated that he was a “president of peace” which is strange considering he authorized indiscriminate artillery shelling in Eastern Ukraine, against his own people he is supposedly serving. He used the same accusation that Russia is supplying its own troops in Ukraine, and called the separatists ‘terrorists’ backed by Russia; yet he also stated, “This is not a fighting with Russian backed separatists, this is real war with Russia.” So which one is it? This is also interesting since Russia has not declared war against Ukraine, and the Western ‘proof’ is shady at best, and a warmongering lie at worst.

Meanwhile, there are continual rumorsthreats and U.S. maneuvers in Eastern Europe during these tense moments — with full approval of the neocons and neoliberals in the American Congress. It appears, to the level-headed, that the new illegitimate government in Ukraine, with the backing of NATO, has been praying for war with Russia since the Western-backed coup occurred.

<figcaption>He already feels the noose tightening...</figcaption>
He already feels the noose tightening...

If Russia wanted to take Ukraine, it would have invaded immediately while Kiev was in disarray and confusion last summer; It would not make sense to invade now that the U.S. is training Ukrainian troops and likely supplying Kiev with lethal weapons. The paranoid comments from the Ukrainian president are humorous because Mr. Poroshenko further claims that he trusts Obama, Biden, and Kerry. Perhaps, the president has not studied Eastern European history when the West left Hungary hanging in 1956. It is beyond foolish to trust Washington or the plutocrats running the U.S. Congress. As soon as Poroshenko does not toe the line, he will be discarded by the West, overthrown, and possibly killed. This has happened to multiple puppets in the past.

He also tried to suck up to “lenders and donors” who are concerned about corruption in Ukraine. Hopefully, new investors have better ‘luck’ than the US investor who lost $3 billion. Regarding recent corruption, Poroshenko commented in broken English, “Absolutely… ‘dis was happen less than a year ago when I was here, but the changes was tremendous.” I wonder if he is talking about the new mansion he is building, which damaged a protected historical site? He then went on to attest that they are fighting corruption in the government, because he needs trust from new lenders. It would be devastating if Ukraine were to default before his mansion was built.

He also insists that he is not an oligarch, which is not true; he has not stopped his business endeavors, as promised, and he complains how there are no buyers for his chocolate factories, because of the war — but he conveniently has to wait a “few weeks” to “disclose” more information regarding this. Then he protests that people should not listen to ‘Russian propaganda’ in regards to the extreme-right groups that were fighting for him in the East. Instead, everyone should listen to the government-owned BBC or Kyiv Post, owned by a British citizen, to get their facts straight.  

This entire conversation sounded like a paranoid businessman claiming to be ‘democratic’ while desiring to build a massive army that will stand up against 'Russian tyranny'. However, there is no tyranny, there was no ‘invasion’, and Putin has stated multiple times that he wants Minsk II to last, and that he does not want to take Eastern Ukraine. 

Poroshenko wants to “build a pro-European army in the East” using Western-backed loans and lethal weapons; he wants to create a new government that honors fascists over communists. Meanwhile, the people of Eastern Ukraine suffer the most from Kiev’s sanctions and shelling. Even worse are the dead bodies that are piling up for this new leader — and how Ukrainians are blindly following the promises of Western leaders with false words of ‘freedom’, ‘democracy’, and ‘European values'. It will be interesting to see what happens in the end, but only time can tell.

It is yet another example of the U.S. meddling in foreign affairs that are none of its business. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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