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POLL: 96%! of Germans Say Islam Does Not Belong in Europe

Here is a rather sterling example of the great divide between the people of Western nations and the elite. The deep state Vs. the people who have to pay for them. Put bluntly, the commie bastards who are trying to utterly transform all of Western civilization into a 3rd world socialist toilet, and using muslims to do it.

Remember Obama’s campaign slogan? Let’s fundamentally transform America? Now I think its clear what he meant. Especially if you live near one of the cities and towns where he transplanted hundreds of thousands of African muslims.

<figcaption>DIVERSITY! </figcaption>

Here are two videos which show the divide. In both videos the question is asked: “Does Islam belong in Europe?”

In the first video, thousands of Germans are asked this question and the results are published on German TV:

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In the second video, a candidate for Europe’s top job, head of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, answers the same question:

Direct link:

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation on both videos!

Source: Vlad Tepes
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