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Polish Intellectual Calls for Killing of Russians on Live TV (Video)

This is what Russian audiences are subjected to by state-controlled television’s committment to a pluarity of views


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A documentary on the tragedies of the people of Donbass was broadcast during a talk show on the Rossyia national TV channel. It included footage of the funerals of the victims of the Kiev ‘anti-terrorist operation’.

The reaction of a Polish guest was shocking:

"I am happy that you have shown this film. I would have been showing it every day so that any imperial bastard and any corrupt separatist would have known what happens if they start implementing their sick ideas.

“If you attack us, those scene would look peanuts”, he added, addressing millions of Russian viewers who couldn’t care less about invading Poland."

The speaker, Jakub Koreiba, with his square jaw and fixed gaze looks exactly like the stereotypical German Nazi officer as portrayed in Soviet movies made during or soon after the World War II. For post-war generations, this image seemed like a caricature. Well, it would seem that such characters are not only to be found amongst German SS bastards.

The other guests did not fail to express to the man how outraged they were, things almost degenerating to a Jerry Springer show. But at least there was a plurity of views that night on the show.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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