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Poland, Lithuania & Romania. Eastern Europe Was the CIA Torture Capital

Eastern European states hosted black sites as a demonstration of loyalty to NATO

This article originally appeared at Red Pill Times

What’s worse that a “democratic” country illegally torturing people?

How about a “democratic” country renting out its prisons so the other “democratic” country can illegally torture people.

A combination of human evil combined with spineless ass kissing.

This is the relationship between America and many Eastern European nations.

Eastern European countries like Poland and Romania have the nerve to call themselves independent democracies that respect human rights and human values. Bollocks!

New revelations are now coming to light that Romania, in order to win favor with the U.S., and more specifically NATO, sanctioned the use of its territory as rented CIA torture prisons.

RT reports:

The sites in question were called “transit centers” and Romania was unaware of whether they were used for detention, Ioan Talpes, who headed Romania’s Foreign Intelligence Service from 2000 to 2004, told the daily Adevarul in a video interview posted online on Saturday.

“The Romanian side was not interested in what the Americans were doing, purposely to show them that they could trust us,” said Talpes.

AFP cited the interview, in which Talpes specifically stressed that at the time the decision was made, Bucharest was waiting to join NATO.

The ex-spy chief said talks on “sites that the Romanians would place at the disposal of CIA representatives” began after September 11, 2001.

“What is certain is that we were not aware of the presence of detainees,” Talpes insisted in the interview.

We are sure that Romanian officials were unaware of what was happening at these “transit centers.” And I have a bridge to sell you for $100 million.

Here are the color coded torture locations:


The US Senate report on torture, published earlier this week, revealed among other things that 119 people were captured and held in CIA detention sites hosted by other countries.

Although none of the countries were specifically named in the heavily redacted document, the list of those assumed to be mentioned includes Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Thailand and Afghanistan.

Romania’s president at the time, Ion Iliescu, denied earlier this week any knowledge of the so-called “black sites” in the country, AFP reports.

Prime Minister Victor Ponta said questions about the sites should be addressed to the Foreign Ministry, which hasn’t as yet commented on the issue.

Poland earlier confirmed that it housed a facility that was used to interrogate Al-Qaeda suspects between 2002 and 2003.

Color revolutions and color coded torture chambers.

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