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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Dear Insiders,

We interrupt this regularly scheduled appeal for financial support for ourselves, to urge anyone who can spare a few dollars to support The Saker.

<figcaption>There's a Russian saying: 'We never leave our own on the field'</figcaption>
There's a Russian saying: 'We never leave our own on the field'

He is quite simply, a treasure, and the prodigious quantity and quality of work he has put out over the last several years is nothing short of astounding. This site has benefited enormously from being able to carry his invaluable analyses.

His fluency in Russian and European languages, Russian culture, in global military matters, his deep understanding of Islam, Christianity, and much, much else which I could in no way enumerate here - come together in a brilliant and formidable combination. He is unique.

With Russian-US conflict in Syria getting red-hot, we need the Saker now churning out his great work, and not being distracted by other things.

He posted this on his website this morning:

Dear friends,

I am going to make this one real short.  

First, I am only addressing this to those of you who are, shall we say, financially comfortable.  

Second, this is in no way a fund-raiser.  We agreed that these would only happen quarterly and we are nowhere near the middle of Fall.

Third, I will simply state the following: things are rapidly getting very dangerous in the Ukraine and even much more so in Syria.  

Yet, right now instead of producing analyses, I am struggling to pay my bills.  So, IF you can, now would be an ideal time to help me.  If you are also struggling, then just say a prayer for me.

Many thanks in advance for either form of support,

The Saker

If we want to beat the neocon lies which are driving the world to chaos, we will have to man up and finance an alternative media capable of winning that fight. This is a theme I will be speaking out more and more frequently on in the coming months.

It is perhaps, the most important issue we, the opposition, face.

To start, you could do no better than sending a few $ to the Saker.

Charles Bausman

Founder, publisher, and editor

Russia Insider

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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