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Pizzagate Not Going Away: CBS Airs Great Overview Asking Important Questions (Video)

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The Pizzagate story is one of the most troubling to surface in recent months, and it has been clear to many following it that there is definitely something to it.

So it was a big disappointment to many when Alex Jones publicly dropped his coverage of it.  He has the resources and the audience to break the story wide open.

<figcaption>Very ugly</figcaption>
Very ugly

Jones even created a special video explaining to his audience his logic for dropping his investigation, and then another one to explain why Infowars team member Joe Biggs, who was very active investigating Pizzagate, left the company.


Jones' argument was that, to him, Pizzagate looked like a set-up, part of the whole fake news meme, which would be used by the deep state to argue that alternative media had to be reined in.

That went over like a lead balloon.  Chatter on 4chan, the online message forum which is the epicenter of the Pizzagate investigations, favored the theory that someone had gotten to Jones, convincing him to back off, possibly because the scandal reached into the senior levels of BOTH parties, and would end up damaging Trump circles too, whom Jones was actively backing at the time.

Regardless of what Jones does, the story is very much alive.   This overview is well-worth watching.  

The evidence is alarming, to say the least, and much more convincing stuff was left out of this short 5 minute piece.

Evidence that the segment has some validity to it is how the usual suspects immediately attacked, as if they knew what was coming.  

Within hours, The Washington Post called the segment "a gem of video slime', the Daily Beast ran a denigrating profile of Benn Swann, the host, calling him a 'truther'.  Gizmodo's headline?:  CBS Imbecile Just Fanned the Pizzagate Flames for No Reason

If these people are trying to push back, you know there is something very ugly going on.


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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