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Photos: Inside Russia's Air Base in Latakia, Syria

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As Russia Insider reported yesterday, the Russian Air Force has been stepping up its operations in East Hama as part of a new air and ground offensive against ISIS. 

One of our sources on the ground in Syria has sent us a few photographs from Russia's Khmemeim air base in Latakia, and has even provided us with some rare footage of Russian jets taking off at night. 

An airbase at full capacity. Note the S-400 in the background. 

Su-30SMs soaking up some Syrian sun. 

The Su-34s.

Returning to base. 

Below are two short videos sent to us showing a Su-35S and a Su-24M2 taking off at night: 

Scary images, if you're a "moderate" head-chopper. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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