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'People Are Shocked, People Are Scared' - A Letter From Germany

"If somebone argues against the mainstream they would immediately be stamped as 'Rechtspopulist' or 'Nazi'. But you can also get in trouble with your employer, get charged with 'Volksverhetzung' (inciting racism) or other goodies. So people stay silent."

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

We recently wrote one of our volunteers in Germany to ask what ever happened with that extraordinary story which broke in mid-December about the main German television station ZDF paying a young Russian man to lie about fighting in the Ukraine in a vicious hatchet job documentary film about Putin called "Machtmensch Putin". 

Our headline at the time was "BUSTED: Fake Info in German Putin Film Could Explode into Major Scandal (Video)", and we really thought this might be the straw that breaks the camel's back, because Germans are already up in arms about their media's hard line against Russia.  

<figcaption>ZDF's Dietmar Schumann.  He paid a Russian bum $800 to lie in his Putin documentary.  Outstanding!</figcaption>
ZDF's Dietmar Schumann. He paid a Russian bum $800 to lie in his Putin documentary. Outstanding!

If you havent seen the video in the article you really should - it is the craziest thing a serious news company could ever do.  It is the ultimate smoking gun for every charge made over the past years that the German media are the biggest bunch of paid off liars, anywhere, and this is quite an achievement, considering the extreme swinishness of the UK and US media - witness the latest Litvinenko mud slinging fest.

Apparently, one of ZDF's top TV correspondents, Dietmar Schumann, paid the princely sum of 50,000 rubles (about $800) to a young alcoholic drifter, shipped him to location, scripted him, etc.  It is really quite extraodinary.

Our correspondent answered that the story got lost in the Christmas lull and then the hullabaloo over horny immigrants assaulting fair German lasses, but that it will come back because a small avalanche of official complaints have been lodged with ZDF - this thing is not going away.

Our correspondent's went on a bit about his feelings about what is going on in Germany and we found it quite interesting, and asked him if we could publish it, which he was glad to agree to, only he asked to keep his name anonymous.

You see, people are scared to speak up in Germany.  It is a sad condition for a once proud country.  

As one famous Russian recently put it, "They got such a drubbing in WW2 that they are still on their knees..."

From "Anonymous", just an average German guy, a businessman in his late 40s,, it was not "a big thing" in Germany (referring to the ZDF story). Maybe you’re surprised right now because I would agree with you: normally this should be a real scandal.

So why did we miss it?

The first reason: press and TV stations are lying and manipulating day by day. So people get used to it and deadened by all the junk coming from the press.

The second reason and the more important one: the raid of 1000 Muslim men on German women in Cologne and other towns on New Year's eve was and is the overwhelming topic in media and the public discussion. Thus the other story quickly faded from the spotlight.

What people angered more – because it is happening right in front of their doors – is the trial especially from the state TV stations (ARD and ZDF) to disguise and to downplay the true scale of this unbelievable event in Cologne. 

To give you a short impression of the people’s mood in the current situation in Germany and my personal reception what is going on here right now: 

At least after the Cologne riots people are shocked. Some of my German fellowmen are and were pretty much aware what Mrs. Merkel and her regime are staging here.

But many are passive, many are coward and many hoped until end of 2015 that things might turn to a good end. Many hoped that maybe Mr. Seehofer – as a “white knight” - will help or Mrs. Merkel will become reasonable and they lived in their perfect idyll.

But the Cologne ripped off the illusions. Now people are recognizing what’s really going on. Many are shocked and many are frightened what is yet to come.

And now many become aware that they are manipulated and lied to by TV stations and mass media. But it is not limited to the media. We see the total failure of the government, the administration and the police who is very busy in looking just in the other direction when something is happening with refugees involved. 

But nevertheless people are very passive which is a very bad thing and hard to understand. They remain passive and are just looking while Mrs. Merkel is flushing Germany down the toilet within one year. Incredible.

One has to admit that there is a real propaganda bombardment by TV stations and main stream media hammering in the heads of the people day by day: 

 - Mrs. Merkel is so good
 - We have to help due to humanitarian reasons and due to our past
 - Putin is bad and Putin is the enemy

And one has to admit that we see a “Meinungs- und Gesinnungsterror” in Germany (terror of opinions and attitudes). It is not that far away what we could observe in former “DDR”.

If somebody would argue against the mainstream he immediately would be stamped as “Rechtspopulist” or “Nazi”. But you can also get trouble with your employer, get a charge for “Volksverhetzung” (inciting racism) and other goodies more. So people stay silent. 

After the Cologne events things changed slightly. Mainstream media now is trying desperately to slip into the role of a chief investigator and is trying to revamp its image. 

And the good thing is that printed media are steadily losing market share. By rule of thumb approx. 10 to 15% per year. Alternative media and blogs are gaining ground which helps that main stream media are going to lose their monopoly on opinions and so on. 

Me personally I was not very interested in politics and media. But when I watched the last winter games in Sochi I became aware that there was not just a negative mood towards Putin but there was a real hateful campaign going on in German TV and printed media. Putin is corrupt, Putin is bad, Putin is anti-democratic and so on. 

For me it became quite obvious that this was a well orchestrated media war on and against Putin and Russia. 

The same show repeated – of course – about the colorful Maidan revolution. And this was not just “ugly” but this turned dangerous.

The media beat really the war drum. And the guys who were fueling this campaign are real criminals. This war propaganda can bring us very quickly and easily to the next big war. And unfortunately Germany would be directly involved in this conflict.

I don’t know if you recall the next to war event in 1983 in the course of the NATO maneuver “Able Archer” around the borders of the former Soviet Union. Well, the Soviets were convinced this is a real assault preparation and they armed their nuclear bombers located in East Germany. This adventure brought us to the brink of a big new war.

And during the Ukraine crisis our heroes like Mrs.v.d.Leyen intended to send German tanks to the Ukraine. That is nothing but crazy.

I have been in Moscow and St. Petersburg several times in the late 1990’s due to business reasons and I always liked the country and the people.

So this is my motivation to help a little bit with your portal.

In case of any questions or for some additional German background information just ask… ;-)

Best regards,

- Anonymous

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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