Pence Confirms Trump Ain't Changing His Tune on Russia (VIDEO)

Despite massive pressure from the mainstream media and 'intelligence community,' his VP says Trump's not budging

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Vice President-elect Mike Pence had an interview with "Face the Nation" on CBS where he confirmed Donald Trump's determination to repair the US relationship with Russia.

Pence told the interviewer that Russia needed "a pair of fresh eyes" and that Trump would be open to a strenghtened relationship with Moscow, but that the president-elect also had "realistic expectations."

Responding to questions, Mr. Pence also confirmed that Mr. Trump encouraged his cabinet nominees to develop their own views, inculding on Russia, but that all of them were keenly aware that Trump will be the one calling the shots. 

This also confirms that Pence is now on the same page Russia-wise as Trump, at least publicly. 

Here's an excerpt from RT's reportage:

US President-elect Donald Trump is open for a better relationship with Vladimir Putin and Russia, which will be beneficial for both Washington and Moscow, US Vice President-elect Mike Pence said in an interview to US media.


“In the president-elect, you have someone who is willing to approach this terrible relationship the United States has with Russia today with fresh eyes, and at least be open to a better relationship with Vladimir Putin and with Russia,” Pence told the ‘Face the Nation’ program on CBS

“Look, we have some common interests that would be well served if we were able to improve our relationship with Russia, most notably the battle to defeat radical Islamic terrorism and to defeat ISIS at its source,” he said.

However, the vice-president elect said that Trump, who is to be inaugurated on January 20, and his administration have “realistic expectations” about resuming dialogue with Moscow.

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