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Payback: Russian Airstrikes Pound Erdogan's 'Rebels' Near Turkish-Syrian Border

Turkish-backed terrorists get Russian-barbecued

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Russian warplanes bombed Ahrar al-Sham positions near the border with Turkey on Saturday, according to multiple reports. 

Ahrar al-Sham enjoys backing from Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and is one of the largest rebel factions in Syria. The group is considered a terrorist organization by Russia, Syria, Iran, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

<figcaption>A terrifying sight for head-choppers all over the world</figcaption>
A terrifying sight for head-choppers all over the world

And unlike other members of the U.N. Security Council (we won't name names), Russia has a very low tolerance for terrorists. 

Earlier this week, Ahrar al-Sham took a few shots at a Russian helicopter — and then awarded themselves medals for their heroic deed. 

Russia has now returned the favor. 


According to reports, the jihadist group claims that Russia entered Turkish airspace during the raid:

Will a participation trophy make them feel better?

It's possible that these airstrikes were also targeting "convoys" heading to Latakia, where Russia's air base is located. 

More bad news for Erdogan and the 10,000 Saudi princes:

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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