Patrick Bateman and Ivanka Trump Swap Swamp-Draining Stories With George Soros in the Hamptons

Jared and Ivanka enjoy a pleasant evening in the Hamptons with George Soros. Meme magic?

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Ivanka Trump and her husband Patrick Bateman attended an informative weekend seminar on swamp draining ... in the Hamptons. The America First conference—or "party for rich people who hate you", to use a more colloquial term—was hosted by the former owners of the Washington Post. 

Bateman and Ivanka on the red carpet
Bateman and Ivanka on the red carpet

Other guests included billionaire Democratic financier and Dark Lord of Globalism George Soros and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, The Hill reports.

Of course, Jared and Ivanka are very rich. So we can't blame them for being acquainted with other very rich people who are also acquainted with George Soros. And we also don't know if the rising power couple even acknowledged Soros' presence at the party. Maybe George Soros was constipated and left early? Or maybe he spent the whole evening playing Candy Crush in the corner? Nobody knows. 

But what we do know is that George Soros is one of Kushner's valued business partners (along with the veteran swamp-drainers at Goldman Sachs) and that Jared and his wife do not care about you. At all. 


Jared Kushner showcasing his extensive music collection


We hope that no one was naive enough to believe that the Trumps would be hosting Jacksonian keggers with the common folk on the White House lawn

Still, hobnobbing with Soros in the Hamptons? That's below the belt. 

We will end this sad swamp saga with a brief excerpt from Russia Insider's Editors Chat/War Room:

[10:34:22] Marko: 20 years from now could Jared and Ivanka be the new Hillary and Bill?
[10:35:07] Marko: what if Trump slew the Bushes and the Clintons only to replace them with the Trumps?
[10:35:48] Riley: that would be extremely depressing
[10:36:16] Marko: which means chances of it happening are 100%
[10:43:03 | Damir: In 20 years time will there even be a USA?
[10:43:12] Damir: guys I think you are too optimistic


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