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Pakistan Claims It Killed 50 US-Trained Afghan Soldiers in Border Clash

The number is more 'aspirational' than actual but raises an interesting question

In a border incident Thursday Afghanistan killed 9 people (mainly civilians) on the Pakistani side so Pakistan fired back killing 6.

Not quite satisfied Pakistan arranged for a round two and kept attacking Afghan army checkpoints through the weekend. By the time it was done it claimed it had killed 50 Afghan soldiers and wounded another hundred. Afghanistan denies that, claiming it lost only two additional soldiers. 

Pakistan is indeed probably exaggerating, but here is the interesting thing: Pakistan, a sort of US ally, just gave the US-trained, US-paid, US-built Afghan army a giant slap across the face.

So what will the US do now? As you will recall American generals have claimed US needs to "confront" Russia over its supposed "legitimizing" the Taliban. They've also insinuated that Russia may be supplying the Taliban which is an absurdity. Yet the only thing Russia has done is establish some communication channels with the Taliban (probably with Pakistani help).

Pakistan meanwhile is an active Taliban backer, and has now also fought a four-day border skirmish with the Afghan army and gave it a bloody nose.

So of course US generals will now tell Senate that Pakistan is a rogue state which seeks to undermine and overthrow the government in Kabul and needs to be warned and confronted? Of course not. Nothing like that will happen.

They will continue to scapegoat Russia and Iran because that's who they want to fight.

Afghan-Pakistani relations have been going from bad to worse in recent years as Pakistan fears and resents growing Indian influence in Kabul. A February terrorist attack which killed 91 in Sehwan, Pakistan was blamed by Islamabad on Afghanistan and New Delhi. The Afghan-Pakistani border has long been disputed by Kabul but traditionally the two have managed to get along regardless.

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