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Overwhelming Majority of Germans Want Angela Merkel OUT

German taxpayers will have to pay £36 billion in welfare and other payments by 2017 due to Merkel’s open door policy

A shock new poll shows disaster looming for German Chancellor Angela Merkel with the majority of Germans wanting her kicked out of office.

Support for Mrs Merkel’s Christian Democratic Party has also plummeted to a woeful 30.5 per cent due to her pro-immigration and pro-Brussels stance.

Just 36 per cent of people think she should seek a fourth term in next year’s election.

The stunning INSA polls highlight a sea-change in support for Merkel and her policies, which have sparked weekly protests.

GETTY – An anti-migrant protest held in Berlin last week

Last week, thousands of right-wing demonstrators marched through Berlin waving banners reading ‘Merkel Must Go’, ‘No Islam on German Soil’ and ‘Refugees Not Welcome’.

Police were forced to use tear gas as a group of left-wing protestors attempted to confront the march, a clash which led to several injuries.

The huge swing in public opinion is largely due to Europe’s migrant crisis, in which Mrs Merkel has been heavily involved.

GETTY – Protestors carry banners at an anti-migrant protest in Berlin
GETTY – Around 2,000 right wing protestors marched through Berlin last week

Mrs Merkel has been accused of rolling out the red carpet to migrants, with two million entering Germany last year alone, the highest level of net migration in the Germany since WW2.

Around 1.1 million people came from the Middle East and North Africa, contributing towards a huge 49% upswing in the number of foreigners registering in the country.

German taxpayers will have to pay out £36billion in welfare and other payments by 2017 due to Mrs Merkel’s open door policy.

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