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Doping Scandal Yet Another Example of Anti-Russian Double Standards

Statistically speaking, Russia is far from being the worst doping rules violator - it’s all about politics

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Of course it’s unacceptable to tell the truth about doping – this topic is closed to the public. However, WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) gives food for thought.

I’m not going to waste time explaining why they target us; it’s obvious that their goal is not even the 2016 Olympics, but the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Because the outcast country shouldn’t become the center of a sports festival, with compliments for a good performance.  

<figcaption>Sounds like an "adequate" response is in the offing</figcaption>
Sounds like an "adequate" response is in the offing

Let’s look at the statistics presented by WADA. The first thing that is striking is the negative rating of countries in terms of anti-doping violations detected, where we are the first. I’m almost sure that our partners, who threw a media tantrum to get our track and field athletes disqualified from the Olympics, got acquainted with these statistics before starting the attack. They knew where to hit. Unfortunately, we lag behind, although all that is available to the public.  

Let’s close the gap.

It’s clear that WADA draws more samples of our and Chinese athletes. Maybe there’s some explanation, but it’s not a legal obligation. Why don’t they draw samples of all athletes in equal amounts regardless of where the athlete came from? Everyone lines to have samples taken by inspectors after every a race or jump after every game.

But if this is too much trouble, let’s not rate the number of detected violations as is done now but according to the share of samples taken. Which would be more honest?

This is my 2013 rating:

And this is for 2014.

It’s fair to say that our track and field athletes have more violations detected: 10 in 2014, and 5 in 2013.

However, Italian bikers had 11 positive tests in 2014 and six in 2013. It’s curious that WADA fights against doping so differentially, isn’t it? In my opinion, our sports officials should point out this discrepancy.

This year the wonderful game of rugby is back in the Olympics for the first time since 1924. Here the doping leaders are Australians, with 13 violations detected in 2014. British rugby players had six. All the rest had fewer violations, and our athletes had none.

The US is barely noticeable in Olympic sports. However, there is doping within the sports popular in the US. For example, nine out of 15 examples taken in 2014 from American football players turned out to be positive. The same nine positive examples were detected in baseball out of 31.

Everyone has a finger in the pie; there is no point arguing about that.  

Big-time sports, as we all know, is an element of big-time politics. So far we are losing. But keep your eyes open while playing with gentlemen; we are too relaxed.

We’ll probably come up with an idea soon.  According to the director of press-service of Russia’s National Teams Sports Training Center Andrei Mitkov : “I can say that the former director of the American laboratory BALCO, Victor Conte, who served time in prison, and headed an anti-doping laboratory that had programs for many North American sports stars in track and field and swimming, told me that he was ready to reveal all irregularities in US sports. He asked for a fee, saying he had to earn a living, but we couldn’t come up with the money.

Who knows, maybe by now Victor Conte has been paid, and soon we’ll all be surprised. 

Source: Live Journal
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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