With an Opposition Like This, Putin Could Rule Forever

The photo gives you an idea of this famous Russian writer’s image of a president he would support

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Like it or not, in the near future, attitudes towards Putin will be defined by the quality of the people who hate him.

Coincidentally, the majority of people who do not like him believe we should return Crimea, Syria and the Donbass as soon as possible — and repent. Actually, repentance should be taught in schools.

We should send militiamen to mental health institutions or prison; pay compensation to Kiev; set democracy alight at the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center, and so on. As if you didn’t know!

No to the patriarch, yes to gay parades, literally.

No one can make the Russian people like their president like the “opposition” can.

As for me, I want the president of my country to be just as in the photo.


Source: Live Journal

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