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Open Letter by African-American Blasts Colin Powell's Attacks on Trump

An open letter to the former secretary of state who strongly denounced Trump in his recently leaked emails

Dear Mr. Powell: 

My name is Tony Whitcomb and I am a 50 year old African American male and I am now writing this, "Open Letter" to you because it has now been revealed in some of your personal e-mail exchanges which were leaked online yesterday, that you called and personally referred to Republican Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump as an, “international pariah" as well as a, "national disgrace." 

Well Mr. Powell, for the record and for what it is now worth, as, "Human Beings" we often call and/or project onto others what we really and what we truly are ourselves, and in your case Mr. Powell, one would have to ignore your monumentally disgraceful Iraq War drumbeating at the United Nations where you as, "Secretary Powell" were, at best, the necons' extremely useful, "Idiot" and, at worst, an, "International Pariah" and might I add a, "War Criminal" as well, just like your former boss, "George Bush" and just like your current fellow, high yellow, "Sellout" friend, Barack Obama. 

You see Mr. Powell, you are absolutely positively one of the very last people who is now living both here on this Earth, as well as living here in the United States of America that should be calling and/or referring to Donald J. Trump, or to anyone else for that matter, as a, "National Disgrace" and/or an, "International Pariah" simply because at this point you have both no honor, as well as no credibility, which is why like, "Saddam Hussein" you should just go find some hole to hide in because on November 08, 2016, "'The People" will be electing Donald J. Trump as the next, "President" of the United States of America and, "The People" Mr. Powell, will be expecting, "President Elect Trump" to bring you, and all of your fellow, "War Criminals" to justice, Mr. Powell. 

So inclosing Mr. Powell, you calling Donald J. Trump name's like an, "international pariah" as well as a, "national disgrace" is kinda like the, "Pot" now trying to call the, "Kettle" black, Mr. Powell, and since you have actually, "Killed" more black and more brown skin people, than Donald J. Trump, ever has, you, Mr. Powell, are both a, "Pariah" as well as a, "Disgrace" to your own, "Creator" to your own, "People" and to your own, "Ancestors" Mr. Powell, and no one needs to read any of this in an, "Email" because it is now written here, as well as written all over your, "Face" Mr. Powell. 


Tony Whitcomb

Source: Expotera
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