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Harrassing Russian Sports Has Become the West's Favorite Game

The Olympics, Football, Light Athletics - what will they go after next?

Why should athletes who never used doping be scapegoated?

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Evil Russia with all its global aggression has seen its athletics team suspended, adding to its ‘isolation’. Cheating athletes from around the world cheer  the IAAF decision to scapegoat Russia.

Back in December 2014,  the documentary ‘The Doping Secret: How Russia Creates Champions’ was aired in Germany. Its revelations forced Russia  to resign from the IAAF. That should have been enough to keep the wolves at bay, but not this time.

Fast forward nearly a year and along comes anti-doping champion Dick Pound with his “independent” report. This report only looked at athletics in Russia, so its conclusions are understandably narrow. All that’s missing are insinuations about the Russian President: “Vladimir Putin swapped blood with Adolf Hitler while riding a bear topless.”

In the current geopolitical landscape, with a new cold war in full swing, you have to wonder how much the sporting world is being blackmailed to isolate Russia.  If you saw a senior official from the IAAF sweating heavily before voting on Russia’s future, it’s most likely because their mother in-law was being held hostage and they were torn over their duty!

The FIFA corruption scandal is another example of anti-Russia rhetoric in sports, with the lead story focusing on the 2018 World Cup to be hosted by Russia, and the threat of boycotts and stripping the tournament from Russia.

A key example of the campaign to isolate Russia had already come as it hosted the 2014 Olympic Winter games in Sochi. Prior to the games an “anti-gay propaganda” law was passed, totally misunderstood in the West:  gays and cross dressers would supposedly be dancing with death should they go to Sochi. If fears for the LGBT community weren’t enough to turn people away, there was the threat of terrorism and toothpaste.

This latest attack on Russia is more proof that politics is ruining sports, and even worse: Lord Coe is the new head of the IAAF,  yet as second in command he must have been aware of the IAAF’s failure to follow up suspicious tests on hundreds of athletes, including world champions and Olympic medal winners. Weren’t those hairy-faced female athletes a dead giveaway?

Russian athletes could give the IAAF and every anti-Russian writer and politician a big middle finger and still be at Rio 2016, banned or not. Imagine the looks on people’s faces if they arrived in Rio as independent athletes under the Olympic flag!

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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