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Oliver Stone Interviews with Putin - Watch 'Em on Youtube (Video)

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Despite the fact that Stone flubbed his chance to give his interviews a big send-off on the Colbert show, they are still hugely important, and a big step forward in beginning to neuter the frothy Russia-hating now being pushed by the American 'swamp' establishment.

Here in Moscow, there has been non-stop, wall-to-wall promotion of the interviews, with Russian central television presenting them as an earth-shattering event, finally, a piercing of the relentless Russophobia of the West, so widely on display with the recent Megyn Kelly embarrassment in St. Petersburg. This is largely done also for domestic consumption - as if to say - 'see, even big shot Westerners think Putin is a pretty good guy', which we would agree with Mr. Stone, he is.

The Kelly performance caused outrage across the country, with Russian social media and political talk shows going bananas, surprised by her rudeness, slutty attire, and obvious ignorance of the topics she was interviewing about.

We find ourselves explaining to our Russian friends that the interviews, while a step forward, will hardly change anything, that relatively few Americans will end up watching them, that they will be essentially drowned out by the relentless deluge of lies about Russia which the media never tire of repeating, and that they shouldn't get their hopes up.

Don't have time to watch them?, Robert Parry at Consortium News has an excellent discussion of them here.

So here are the interviews on Youtube - put up by fly-by-night pirates, who will be forced to take them down pretty soon by the copyright whack-a-mole Gestapo.  

So watch quickly, or download them before they are gone.  If these are already down, search Youtube and other platforms, they are bound to be put up by others.




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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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