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Odessans: May the Ground Burn Under the Feet of the Occupiers! (Video)

Day of antifascist protests in the heroic city, “Pearl of the Black Sea”


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Two hundred participants according to local authorities, or 10 000 as estimated by the organizers. Judge for yourself which is more realistic watching this amateur video filmed in Odessa’s Alley of Glory on April 10, the day the city was liberated from German and Romanian occupiers by Soviet troops in 1944.

Crowds chanted anti-fascist and anti-Banderite slogans as uniformed and plainclothes police forced the participants to take off their St George ribbons, the symbol of Russian military glory.

Too bad the subtitles do not convey the characteristic Odessan accent and the sarcastic humor of the organizer calling on provocateurs to leave the ranks. Not that it was just a joke - on May 2, 2014, 46 pro-Russian activists were burned alive, gassed or clubbed to death by Ukrainian Nazis.

Nor was the whole event a joke, as some of the smarter politicians in Kiev realize.

A Counselor of Ukraine’s Interior Ministry, Stanislav Rybchynsky, stated on his FB account that while the capital is fussing with a new cabinet, they may lose Odessa during the May holidays:

“I’m afraid we may overlook Odessa during the roach race for the new cabinet. May 1st (Soviet Labor Day - ed), 2nd and 9th (V-Day - ed) are just around the corner. A rehearsal of what may happen took place this weekend, and we can’t rely on predictions. The Odessan director of the State Security Service is more worried about squabbles with Saakashvili, the de-facto nonfunctional Governor. The Mayor (popularly elected after Maidan - ed) is a Russian sympathiser. Transdniestria is close by. There is a practical collapse of power in Kiev. It’s a perfect time for the enemy to strike.”

To repeat the Great Patriotic War motto: “May the ground burn under the feet of the fascist occupants!”

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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