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Ode to the NeoCons — The Charge of the White Hat Brigade

The White Hats and the Black Hats stood on each side,
Eyeball to eyeball across the divide.
Neither advanced nor retreated one inch,
The world held its breath to see who would flinch.

But the fears were misplaced for as it transpired,
The Black Hats retreated – no shot being fired.
The cost of the standoff just too much to pay,
They packed up their stuff and went on their way.

Well the White Hats rejoiced and in triumph did shout,
“Our victory marks history’s end, there’s no doubt.
We’re children of destiny, reigning supreme,
There’s no time to lose, let’s get on with our dream.”

“We’re the White Hats, the White Hats, the White Hat Brigade,
And now we’ll go round this world we have made.
Bringing White Hats to the people ourselves,
And generally saving them all from themselves.”

So they began their incredible mission,
To bring the whole world into White Hat submission.
They dropped lots of bombs, good ones of course,
Generous bombs for a generous cause.

When some complained that this just wasn’t right,
They pointed towards their hats which were white.
“White Hats can never do wrong,” they affirmed,
“Therefore we always are right,” they confirmed.

“We’re the White Hats, the White Hats, the White Hats are we,
Ours is a lonely and high destiny.
Bringing White Hats to folks everywhere,
Whether they like it or not we don’t care.”

They invented untruths of gargantuan size,
Not bad ones of course, but White Hatted lies,
Deceptions, psyops, huge fabrications,
To sell their benevolent wars to the nations.

“He’s the New Hitler,” they cried in alarm,
“He’s armed to the teeth and intent on our harm.
He must be removed, we mustn’t appease,
Let’s kill him and show our commitment to peace.”

“We’re the White Hats, the White Hats, the White Hats R Us,
When we bomb, maim and kill, please don’t make a fuss.
We’re just doing good and they’ll love us you’ll see,
When we bring them our White Hats and de-moc-racy.

So the bombs kept on falling, but rather than order,
Came havoc and mayhem from border to border.
What lessons were learned, what warnings were heeded?
“Cleverer tactics and more bombs are needed.”

And so they aligned with death-cult Wahhabists,
White Hatted armies of proxy jihadists.
To carve up a nation, its leader as well,
“We came and we saw and he died!” Ain’t that swell!

“We’re the White Hats, the White Hats, we’re nobody’s fools,
We’re history’s actors, and we make the rules,
Creating a world that you can’t comprehend,
The means always being justified by the end.”

No respite could come because every place,
Had to submit to the White Hats or face,
Chaos, regime change, demonization,
Plus mainstream Pravda insulting their nation.

Missiles 4 Peace dropped from White Hatted drones,
Globalist White-Hatted tapping of phones.
“Moderate” head-chopping terrorists too,
Cookies 4 Peace for a White Hatted coup.

“We’re the White Hats, the White Hats, from the day of our birth,
We’ve been destined to rule and inherit the earth,
The world needs a policeman, and whom may we ask,
Is better equipped than us for this task?”

Yet slowly but surely there were more and more folks,
That started to ask, “Are their white hats a hoax?
They say they’re about bringing peace, law and order,
Yet it sure looks to us more like war and disorder.”

But whenever their actions were held to the light,
And questions were asked if they really were right.
The White Hats lashed out with uncontained fury,
“We are the judge, prosecution and jury.”

“We’re the White Hats, the White Hats, and don’t you forget,
We run the world and you’re all in our debt.
We keep you safe from all Black Hatted strife,
We are the Way and the Truth and the Life.”

So any critique of their actions and vision,
Was greeted with furious howls of derision:
“It’s Fake News and Hate Views from Black Hatted trolls,
Vile propagandists; Deplorable goals.

All our plans, which are good, are at risk from this stuff,
Our motives are pure but we’ve now had enough.
Freedom of speech is too precious to lose,
And so we must shut down alternative views.”

“We’re the White Hats, the White Hats, Exceptionally so,
And we’re indispensably running this show,
We can’t have our narrative subject to flack,
By haters and bigots whose hats are quite black.”

But the day is approaching, and come yes it must,
When the dreams of the White Hats will crumble to dust,
And all their ambitions will teeter and fall,
As a handwritten message declares on a wall:

“The days of your kingdom, to an end have been brought,
And so has the world domination you’ve sought.
Weighed in the scales, the verdict is in,
The end of the White Hats is in history’s bin.”

The White Hats, the White Hats, well what do you know,
It turns out they weren’t really running the show,
Let their end be a lesson, and shout it out loud,
“God raises the humble, but brings down the proud.”

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