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Obama Says Russia Doesn't Make Anything. We Visited a "Made in Russia" Expo in Moscow to Investigate

During our gripping investigation, a Russian shoemaker offered to send Obama a pair of giant slippers -- made in Russia

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Obama says that Russia doesn't make anything, but politicians say a lot of things...

Russia Insider recently visited the "Buy Motherland" fair at Moscow's Sokol'niki exhibition center where vendors from all over Russia came to show what they (wait for it) ...make. Blasphemy!

Sorry Obama, but Russia produces a lot -- and even exports these products -- like traditional agricultural goods made from natural, environmentally friendly raw materials, without the addition of flavorings or preservatives.

Of course, Russia makes rockets for American satellites, but this video shows that Russia also produces a wide range of folk crafts, clothing, industrial products, and much more. Even giant slippers!


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