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Obama: 'We're Not Inviting Putin to Our Pokemon Sessions in My Mom's Garage Which Proves He's Not Important'

Also Obama reckons Putin is 'not completely stupid'

In case you didn't know, there's an exclusive interview by Jeffrey Goldberg with POTUS Barrack Obama coming out today at The Atlantic. The thing is absolutely massive so we feel we'll probably have lots and lots of fun with it (after we wade throught that monster) but for now we just have to give you this highlight:


<figcaption>Obama - the leader of the Pokemon club</figcaption>
Obama - the leader of the Pokemon club



He's not completely stupid? Really Obama? The guy who is running circles around you even though he is in charge of an economy that is 20% of the size (as per GDP PPP) of the one you can draw from?

But really, let's forget the childish namecalling. Has there ever been a statement by a leader more packed with feeling of inadequacy than this sorry paragraph?

Ah, so Putin is the one interested in being seen as an equal to you Barry? Really? But he doesn't talk about you nearly as much as you talk about him, and certainly not in this way. Sure Russia's power is "diminished" but is that due to Putin? We recall VPP since 2000 presided over what US deemed a "resurgence" of Russia, which would be quite distinct from stagnation which was the most Barry Obama was able to secure for America.

And really? The ultimate proof of Putin's irrelevance is that he isn't present in "any of these meetings out there". Maybe it's your "meetings" that are irrelevant Barry? After all, while you're out there having "shape the agenda" meetings with your buddies that you're not inviting Putler to he's out there "invading Crimea" and "proping up Assad". 

If Putin isn't a "player"– it's maybe because he has no interest in your highly relevant Pokemon sessions in your mom's garage?

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