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Obama Respects Nothing and Nobody - Us Included

His snide little lies show he has no respect for respect - the basis of civilization

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is a licensed clinical psychologist and long-time human rights activist who lives and practices in New York City.  He is a regular contributor to RI.

At a campaign stop in Philadelphia on September 13, 2016 in behalf of the truly "sick," Former First Lady, President Obama showed his superb skills as an actor in seeming to speak spontaneously of Trump's supposed appearance "on Russian State Television"--with a slight dramatic pause after each carefully-crafted phrase to maximize its planned effect.

<figcaption>Obama speaking in Philadelphia</figcaption>
Obama speaking in Philadelphia

Lying through his teeth and loving every minute of it, Obama half-jested:

"And then you got... the Donald... who just last week... went on Russian State Television... to talk down our military... and curry favor with Vladimir Putin... [Crowd boos.] He loves this guy!... And when the interviewer asked him: 'Why...? Why do you support this guy?' He said: 'He's a strong guy! Look! He's got an 82% approval rating!' [Obama smiles.] Well, yes... So Saddam Hussein had a 90% approval rating!" [Crowd laughs and applauds.]



How Obama delights in delivering each line--knowing he can tell Hill's fans any whopper he wants And no one in the American mass media--Left, Right, or Center--is gonna call him on it. For they all feed at the same corporate trough he does. And that means loving endless wars that bring huge profits to the 1%, while killing off poor kids at the bottom.

Nothing is too fantastic. Like Obama's outrageous claim that Trump appeared "on Russian State Television"--in Moscow, one assumes--when actually Trump appeared on the American cable show, Politicking with Larry King. Which is an election-year offshoot of the Larry King Live show --that's been around since 1985 and is as American as apple pie.

Even Obama has been on Larry King Live. Back in 2006, to be exact--when he was just a lowly Illinois State Senator with a great "Let's all be color-blind!" ["When you vote for me!"] speech. That appearance on Larry King clearly proved that Barry was a "cable-ready" Presidential candidate for 2008 after a brief stint in the US Senate..

So what's changed? On Obama's side--only the office. And that's soon over. Though not his Terror Tuesdays--which he hopes will live on--to kill and kill again. Like this American kid, Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, age 16, you see below on the left there, whom Obama blew to bits with a bunch of his friends at a campfire in Yemen for the possible, conceivable precrime of maybe wanting to murder Obama someday for having made a “bug splat” of his Dad--just so Obama could establish the legal precedent that a sitting President can kill any child or adult he declares a “security threat’--without a shred of due process. Even if that person is a US citizen, as this boy and his father were, the Supreme Court will not intervene. The President can kill at his whim.



If you were the President, would you kill this kid for his possible future thoughts? Or them?

As for Larry King, even his suspenders are the same. The only thing that’s changed is that Larry King Live is now being carried by RT America, instead of CNN--along with his brand-new Politicking with Larry King show.

Are the Russians coming?

RT America is indeed causing concern amongst the powers-that-be in the military-industrial-media complex as its viewership ratings are already coming in right behind CNN's in certain key markets and younger demographic groups, due to the American cable shows and personalities RT America has been able to capture from other networks--such as The Thom Hartmann Show, The Chris Hedges Show, The Ed Schultz Show, and The Jesse Ventura Show--along with their well-earned reputation of speaking truth to power from the perspective of ordinary Americans. That's a winning combination.

RT America is also one of the few news sources where one can go to hear facts that challenge the official, often evidence-free line put out by the White House, State Department, Defense Department, and the American Mass Media, in unison.

Yet RT America is often attacked as a "Putin mouthpiece" for that very reason by the MSM “echo chamber”--on the McCarthyite ground that RT America is part of the global the RT Network--which is publicly funded by the Russian government. just as the BBC is publicly funded by the British government. What’s wrong with that? C-Span, NPR, and PBS are all publicly funded too.

To be sure, corruption can happen and has happened in the case of the BBC. In recent years, the BBC has been caught in a number of major lies and scandals--many of them involving its blind, one-sided support for America's non-stop wars of aggression, in fact..

But where's the legal evidence that Larry King is now a "Putin puppet"? Or Thom Hartmann? Or Chris Hedges? Or Ed Schultz? Or Jesse Ventura? Are they all to be judged and condemned just because their shows are now carried by RT America? Where will this new Clinton McCarthyism end?

And what about the typical American viewer of these American-as-apple-pie shows? Do regular American viewers of The Thom Hartmann Show, The Chris Hedges Show, The Ed Schultz Show, The Jesse Ventura Show, The Larry King Live Show, or The Politicking with Larry King Show--all

fit neatly into what a sick-sounding Hillary calls her "basket of deplorables"? It's not my idea of the kind of intelligent, independent viewers I think these shows attract.

But decide for yourself as you listen to her explanation. As a psychologist, I find her face and speech of real concern. See if you agree as she tells her LGBTQ audience:



I doubt that Clinton and Obama have a higher opinion of their own supporters--given the utter contempt with which they lie to them.

What Trump actually said

Now if we cut through all the lies Obama told with such psychopathic pleasure, we discover that, no, Trump did not go on "Russian State Television" in Moscow to trash-talk our military in the wildly wrong belief that showing disrespect for our fighting forces would somehow “curry favor with Vladimir Putin”--when Putin's own mother would not allow her son to show disrespect even towards the Nazi troops who nearly killed her and his father and did, in fact, kill his brother, one grandmother, and 3 uncles!

In any case, all that Trump did say that was in any way related to military affairs was that the US should not have started a war in Iraq and that Obama should not have ended it the way he did and that ISIS would not exist today if Obama had handled things differently. Period. Full stop. That's all he said on the subject.

What Trump did not say, but should have said is that that the US and the Gulf monarchies specifically created ISS to bring down Assad--even if it meant letting ISIS kill Christians on a genocidal scale. As in this brazen "selfie" of an ISIS terrorist with a terrified Syrian Christian boy he's about to behead--the whole gruesome video of which he posted online. And the child-killer here is a US-backed "moderate."



As for Obama's Putin zinger…

A zinger it was. And he delivered it with such spezzatura (1) too. One would think that a witty speech writer had just passed it on to him through an earpiece or hidden teleprompter. But then when Obama was up there playing the Russian State TV "interviewer" (i.e. Larry King), I’m sure the second “Why?” in asking Trump, "Why? Why do/ you support this guy?" was Obama's own invention--possibly dreamed up on the spot. And what a brilliant, comic touch. It makes "the interviewer" sound so bewildered at the thought of anyone truly supporting Putin. And this is supposed to be a Russian State Television "interviewer" who cannot contain his incredulity at such a singular moment. That really shows how unpopular Putin is even with this host. (Who will no doubt be shot at dawn.).

If one believes Obama, that is. But that's a dangerous thing to do. For beneath his disarming smile, he's a narcissistic psychopath who delights in making simple folk eat lies out of his hand. Just watch the clip above again. It's like a cocaine-rush for him.

In fact. Trump nowhere said anything about Putin being "a strong man" or having "an 82% approval rating" in his 10-minute interview with Larry King. That whole "strong man"/"approval rating" exchange was simply fabricated by Obama's speechwriter to set up the final zinger.

What did happen in the Larry Ling interview, which was supposed to last 30 minutes, is that at 10:42 minute mark, Larry asks Trump what his "real feelings" are about Mexican Americans. And Trump goes silent. He never says another word. Larry remarks that the connection has not been lost. But then he deftly goes to a break. And when Larry comes back, he smoothly fills out the rest of the half hour talking to Ed Schultz about the election.



Needless to say, it's newsworthy that Trump would end his interview with his old friend, Larry King, at the point he did and as clumsily as he did. At a minimum it shows both impulsivity and poor judgment on Trump's part. Which are not good qualities in a President.

But no one, to my knowledge, in the American mass media--Left, Right, or Center--has touched this side of the story. For that would expose Obama as an artful deceiver, painting Trump as a treasonous fool, sucking up to Putin on "Russian State Television", when Trump was actually right here in America, talking to America's very own Larry King on an American cable show. And Trump said none of those things attributed to him.

Instead--amazingly--every single member of the American mass media covered for Obama and made the story solely about how Obama wittily showed the American people that Putin is just another Saddam--who only gets his high poll numbers at the point of a gun.

Obama knows it's a lie The CIA tells him the same depressing truth all the time.

Putin is wildly popular in Russia.

Just go to any trendy Putin shop in Moscow, like the one below, and see for yourself.

The sales girl on the left is wearing a graphic sweatshirt of Putin cuddling a puppy: which you can see more clearly hanging up to the right of the sales guy or in another article of mine here. The sales guy, in turn, is wearing a graphic sweatshirt of Putin in shades. Between and behind the 2 sales people on a rack is a graphic sweatshirt of Putin in a Russian Army fur hat. The canisters on the shelves behind their heads contain all the different Putin sweatshirts the shop sells.



What these graphic sweatshirts tell us is that Putin is a complex, multifaceted, utterly Russian head of state, who has captured the imagination of his nation to such a degree that each particular image of him has become an icon (or spiritual "window") into some good, strong aspect of him and that of the government he represents.

This is a phenomenon unique to Russia and her long Orthodox tradition of using different icons to connect with specific saints and other Heavenly beings (such as specific archangels) - as if a given icon were a kind of supernatural smart phone with a direct line to that specific saint or angel (if I may use secular analogy without disrespect).

Take the graphic sweatshirt of Putin cuddling a puppy, for example. I don't believe that Russian girls who buy and wear these sweatshirts literally worship this puppy-cuddling image or the puppy-cuddling side of Putin himself. For that would be an American kind of idol worship or hero worship of the sort seen in America during the 2008 Presidential campaign when millions of young people truly idolized Obama as this heroic figure who would bring about real changes in their lives if they elected him. And so they did. And he brought changes, alright. Starting with the black community, he smilingly stripped the most vulnerable of their assets, protections, and rights. And yet some Americans--like these Hillary fans--are still taken in by his jive.

Putin, by contrast. is "the real deal," as they say. Over the past year, I've read a great deal of primary-source material about Putin, written mostly in Russian (which I’ve had personally translated) by those who've known Volodya most intimately since childhood on--like his "second mother," Vera Gurevich, and his Judo sensei, Anatoly Rakhlin. And I've concluded after all this research that what we see in Putin is what is really there. And that is why the vast majority of the Russian people admire and trust him--to the point of wearing graphic sweatshirts that instantly communicate to other Russians what particular aspect of President Putin they most "connect with" through wearing a certain icon of him.

Like the icon of his cuddling a puppy, once again. What makes this a true icon is that it connects the viewer with a true part of Putin: namely, his true love of animals. All animals. All of life, in fact. All of creation, in fact. That may sound like syrupy nonsense. But it happens to be true. Witness the story he tells on himself at the end of his "surprisingly frank" (to quote himself) autobiography--in which he nearly turns over the small car he's driving as he reaches out the car window to grab a fistful of freshly mown hay from a hay truck he's passing on a steep mountain curve--just to smell the sweet scented hay. That's so Romantically Russian! So totally Tolstoyian.

And so is his love of animals.



That look of distress on Putin's face as he examines the endangered Amur tiger's paw cannot be faked--any more than his commitment to help can be phony in flying that motorized glider--at the risk of life and limb—in a valiant effort to teach a flock of endangered cranes how to fly south for the winter, after their natural migratory instinct was apparently lost from being raised since birth in a sanctuary.

Unfortunately, the endangered cranes failed to recover their migratory instinct after Putin successfully guided them south to their next resting spot on their eons-old journey to the safety of the always-warm south, and ultimately had to be taken back to their home sanctuary by plane.

Predictably, the American mass media all jeered and sneered at Putin when the news came out—hooting how he had “humiliated all of Russia” with “such a cheap PR stunt"—just to win the bird-brained “bird-lovers vote. “How long will Russia keep this clown around?” American pundits wondered.

This clumsy effort to shame the Russian people into regime change only heightened Putin’s standing with his people. When they looked into the icon of him cuddling a puppy on their graphic sweatshirts, they saw the sincerity in his heart. (For that’s how icons work.) And at once they understood that Putin would risk anything—including the ridicule of the West—to save those endangered cranes from certain extinction if they could not recover their natural instinct to fly south in the fall, as he tried so hard to help them do.

How could his love and respect for all of life be doubted? Putin is from St. Petersburg, after all. Which in Soviet times, after Lenin’s death, was renamed Leningrad. Which Hitler, in turn, transformed into a death camp by cutting off all land routes into Leningrad—with the stated objective of starving every last “subhuman” in the city to death. And he nearly succeeded too.

According to General Zhukov (who’s considered the best authority on the subject), of the 1.7 million inhabitants who could not or would not be evacuated, approximately 1.5 million died, primarily of starvation--possibly including Putin’s own, 1-year-old, older brother, Viktor (whose mysterious death I will examine in a future article)—while his mother was nearly buried alive when she fell unconscious from lack of food, and was thrown onto a heap of corpses about to be shoveled into an open mass grave when someone heard her groan.

Yet for all this mass starvation, the people of Leningrad still managed to keep alive the hugest hippo in Europe, Beauty. Just look at all those happy, starving kids sitting on a bench by the fence (because they don’t have the strength to stand)—wishing they were Beauty.



Everyday Beauty was fed a filling mixture of wheat, hay, and mucho indigestible wood chips. And everyday weak, faint people carried buckets on buckets of water from the Neva River to her pen (since the Leningrad water system had long since been bombed into oblivion), where the water was heated over a fire (made of donated furniture broken up into firewood), and then poured over Beauty, to keep her skin soft and beautiful—while those who donated the furniture died of the cold in empty, unheated rooms.

And the Masters of the Universe thought they would incite regime change in Russia by mocking Putin’s efforts to save endangered cranes.

When the Russian people learned that Putin’s attempt to spark a migratory response in the flock had not worked, and the cranes had to be taken back to their sanctuary by plane, the people did not jeer and sneer at Putin. What mattered to the Russian people was that this beautiful species of crane has now lost their migratory instinct and can therefore only survive in an artificial, man-made environment. They can nevermore return to the wild and multiply. We have doomed these lovely, soaring beings whom God created and found “good” (Genesis 1:21) to extinction.

As Neyteri says with her wonderfully expressive eyes in Avatar; “This is sad…



The Russia people do not see Putin’s failed attempt to save an endangered species as humiliating. They see his efforts as heroic.

The Masters of the Universe just don’t get it.

Why Obama keeps telling insulting lies about Putin.

It’s not just about Obama convincing the American people that Putin is another Saddam who needs to be deposed. At least in equal measure it’s about convincing the Russian people that Putin needs to be deposed because he’s a wimp who remains respectful when his “American partner” insults him and "can only express regret" at such displays of "hardcore Russiaphobia," to American ears that does sound wimpish because American culture, from the 1960's on, has increasingly come to equate coarseness, rudeness, and disrespect with toughness, manliness, and strength--with the "put-down," of which Obama is the master, emerging from American gay culture in the quips given femme fatales like Betty Davis from the 1930's on, as a "meterosexual" alternative. But the end result is the same. Which is a loss of respect in all people and things--as most shockingly exemplified by Pussy Riot's blasphemous performance of "Mother of God, Chase Putin Away!" in the sanctuary of Christ Our Savior Cathedral in Moscow on February 21, 2012.

Though professional Putin-basher, Masha Gessen would later double down on the groups' blasphemy by comparing 2 of the members' brief stint in jail with Christ's agony on the Cross in subtitling her kneeling adoration of them, The Passion of Pussy Riot, the US clearly lost more recruits to its culture wars than it won with its frontal attack on Christianity and the value of mutual respect.



Not that the Masters of the Universe ultimately care which side of the culture wars wins--whether its the "trannies" at one end or the Christian-crucifying terrorists at the other. In fact, they are happy to fund both ends and everyone in-between. For all they truly care about is the maximumization of their own power. And that means: divide et impera. That is: divide and rule. Divide and conquer. As Pepe Escobar so cogently observes, theirs is an Empire of Chaos. Which means that if one sides wins--as when matter annihilates all antimatter--then chaos ceases. And their power ceases. For them to remain in power, war must continue on all levels forever. And that just can't happen.

While people want freedom, they also want peace, order, stability, respect. Putin found that to be true in his own life after the chaos of being a "cut-up" in the Fourth and Fifth Grades. And Russia found it to be true in its national life after the chaos of 1990's--where a few got fabulously wealthy. following the predatory guidance of the wolves of Wall Street with their privatization of state assets schemes. While the many lost their homes, their farms, their jobs, their pensions, free child care, free medical care, free nursery home care, and free education. Everything went to Hell. At the same time, crime rates, alcoholism and addiction rates, suicide rates, and HIV/AIDS rates all went through the ceiling, even as life expectancy fell through the floor.

That's why back in 2000 the Russian wisely chose to elect their Acting President, Vladimir Putin, to a full term of his own and then another, and then in 2012 another; and in 2018, I'm sure yet another. For in his years as President, Putin has turned things around for most Russians in all of the areas mentioned above--from higher home ownership to higher life expectancy. From lower unemployment to lower crime rates. Just read these article by Peter Hitchins and The Saker for starters. Putin is the anti-Obama who decided to be for all the people--and be for real.

That's why the Russian people trust him. In contrast to Obama, he's all about respect. Respect for others. Respect for himself. Respect for his office. Respect for the truth. Respect for the facts. Respect for the law. Respect for agreements. Respect for respect.

That takes genuine strength.

1.  An Italian Renaissance term for "artful artlessness."   

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