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Obama Preaches Final Sermon: 'Big Countries Don't Go Bully Smaller Countries'

In his final conference with the press, Barack Obama made one last jab at Russia

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The great moralizing president who proved to the world that "yes, we can" lie, bomb, drone, and overthrow the rest of the world has preached his final hypocritical sermon.

Giving his final press conference on Jan. 18th,  Obama - like Joe Biden and Samantha Power - elected to use a substantial part of his final statement to assail Russia and Vladimir Putin. The establishment neocon puppets must really be terrified of peace. 

<figcaption>A tear for all the lives and nations he's ruined?</figcaption>
A tear for all the lives and nations he's ruined?

The best moment came when Barack propounded for the final time, what he sees as America's role in the world: to ensure "the basic principle that big countries don't go around and invade and bully smaller countries."

We're not quite sure how peace prize winner Obama thinks he represented that "basic principle" during his two terms. Maybe by setting an example for the world and saying, "See everything the United States is doing? Yeah...don't do that."

Well Barry....and's over. Lights out. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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