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Obama Is Interfering in European Polls so Much It's Making The Washington Post Cringe

Worse, he's videotaping himself as he does it

Are Russian secretly interfering in European elections? Yeah, maybe. According to shaky conspiracy theories, undisclosed secret evidence, and innuendo. 

Are Americans interfering in European elections? Yes. According to your eyes.

Here is a video of Obama interfering in the French election:


It has gotten to a point where even an editor at The Washington Post thinks this is a bit much:

Don't get us wrong. The actual article itself is in no way critical of Obama for doing so, nor does it point out the hypocrisy of screaming about supposed Russian meddling while openly meddling yourself. But there clearly is an editor at WaPo who is getting tired of having to roll out the same sort of headline any time there is a poll in Europe.

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