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TREASON: Obama Gives Advanced Arms to Islamic Extremists to Hand Trump a Foreign Policy Headache

And foil a rapprochement with Moscow, and 'rescue' the extremists from the Trumpening

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News that Obama was approving advanced arms to the Syrian rebels, in other words, to Al Qaeda, was met with consternation when it was announced Dec. 9.  It was seen at the time as a last ditch effort to help extremist forces collapsing before the devastating Russia-Syria-Iran onslaught.

The gay mulatto strikes again

Well, it didn't work, and the fanatics has been pretty convincingly booted out of Syria.  But they aren't out of the game just yet.

A recent article in New Eastern Outlook makes the interesting case that another, more troubling result of the decision, will be to greatly complicate Trump's ability to wind down hostilities in the Middle East, foil his efforts at rapprochement with Russia, and effectively 'rescue' the Islamic extremists from the Trumpster.

This comes on the heels of recent revelations from a French investigative journalist that the US has funneled over $1 Billion in arms to ISIS from the Ukraine and Eastern Europe, some of them violating these same so-called restrictions.

In addition there have been angry accusations and calls for congressional investigations into 'saboteurs' in the CIA and other US security agencies from prominent pro-Trump forces among American conservatives, such as Pat Buchanan.

Obama's decision looks like more red meat for the investigators to tear into.

From NEO:

This decision, if not cancelled by the Trump administration, will have larger implications, particularly in terms of prolonging and complicating the war.

Notwithstanding the danger of these weapons falling into the hands of “terrorists”, the fact remains that the end result of this decision will put the US in trouble not only with Turkey but also pitch the Syrian forces against Kurds, who are certainly fighting for the interests of the US. Unsurprisingly, as the White House spokesperson stated, the US policy will remain the same even if Aleppo was to fall to the Syrian forces.


Thus ruling out the possibility of co-operation with Russia and over Syria over fighting IS, Obama’s decision to bolster the “rebels” appears to be as much of an attempt at “rescuing” these groups from the Trump administration as from the Syrian forces...


The US president Barak Obama’s most recent announcement about lifting the previously imposed restrictions on the supply of (sophisticated) weapons to the “Syrian rebels” not only glaringly shows the true nature of the conflict as a foreign imposed, but also sheds light on the American establishment’s obsession with imposing regime change in Syria regardless of the human cost.

This announcement is nothing short of a departing gift by the US president to the “rebels” who have lost most of the territory they had under their control until a year ago. Should this decision be called a potentially positive step towards resolution of the conflict? We would call it this way if we too were impressed by Obama’s rhetoric. What this step really appears to be is a repetition of the past mistakes the US has committed in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq and goes well into the direction of causing more devastation.



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