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Obama and Poroshenko Jointly Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

Two champions of world peace indeed

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This article originally appeared in Allgemeine Morgenpost Rundschau. Translated from the German by Werner Schrimpf

In a surprising move the Nobel Prize Committee revised its former decision and has now awarded the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize jointly to U.S. president Obama and Ukrainian oligarch Poroschenko!

“The decision was not an easy one” a spokesperson of the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee explained.
“Both Obama and Poroschenko contributed exceptionally to global peace during the last year!”

Extract from the laudatory speech:

We admire the U.S. president so much for more than satisfying all expectations we had placed on Obama in 2008.

To list his successes: there was first the comprehensive troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq. And there were the liberation of Libya without any casualties and his peace missions in Syria and the Ukraine.

Obama immeasurably contributed to peace, liberty and prosperity in Middle East and the Ukraine. The most important issue for Obama was to bring democracy and western values to those countries - and he never forgot who can never be democratically elected, i.e. Assad.

Obama is now one of only five individuals who have received the Nobel Price twice. An extraordinary honor!

Following these criteria it was not difficult to us to select another candidate and co-winner of 2015 Nobel Prize for Peace. We discovered a brave man in the Ukraine who has resisted Russian aggression and Russian warmongering up to the present day.

Furthermore this brave man was able to wring a peace agreement out of an superior and erratic enemy in Minsk – this was only possible with the energetic support of U.S. president Obama.

And the Nobel Prize Committee has to emphasize and to laud the fact that Poroschenko stood up to the continued provocations from Russia and he chose the difficult path of proving Russian cruelties in the Ukraine.

Poroschenko could have taken the easy path and attacked Russian forces directly in the annexed Crimea where it would have been simple to demonstrate the presence of Russian military.

But Poroschenko opted for the tough alternative. Surprisingly he attacked the Russians in the Donbass where the tricky Ivans are using a totally new type of stealth technology which leaves them unobservable even by satellites.

This unknown and strange new Russian technology is able to make any smart phone camera ineffective and U.S. satellite pictures of it always seem to originate from the 60s of the last century.

This masterstroke of Poroschenko exposed the Russians to the global public and made them look like fools. This without having fired one shot in the Crimea.

Despite massive Russian provocations and violations against the agreement in Minsk, Poroschenko still sticks to the cease fire.

This is exactly the stuff from which Nobel Prize laureates are made of!

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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