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Nuts to Impeach Nut After Nut Fired Nut When Nut Refused to Drop Nuts Conspiracy After Nut Won Election Against Nut?

United States of Nuts

A couple of months ago I had a bet with a friend that Mr Trump would not be President by the end of the year. Nothing substantial. Just a token £0.01. Right now, I would say that bet is looking more certain by the hour, or you might say with every passing Tweet put out from the “leader of the free world”.

In many ways that’s an appropriate title for Mr Trump. That’s because he represents perhaps better than anyone else what the “free world” has become. He’s a narcissist, isn’t he? Well has there ever been a more narcissistic era than Western civilization as it now is? He acts without reason, doesn’t he? Yep, and have you not noticed that millions in Western societies now appear unable to think and act rationally? He’s impulsive, isn’t he? Yes and … you get the picture.

Of course his enemies like to think that his insanity stands in stark contrast to their own sanity, but nothing could be further than the truth. Granted, he is clearly unhinged, but so too is the mainstream media and whole political establishment that is trying to force him out. Many of them can’t tell the difference between a boy and a girl. Most of them think Russia “hacked their election”, whatever that evidence-free slogan is supposed to mean. Oh and the one and only time that most of them briefly dropped their hostility to the President they hate was when he illegally and unconstitutionally dropped some bombs for no apparent reason. Sanity does not appear to be their speciality!

Perhaps the most depressing thing in all of this is that with the entire DC establishment and mainstream media in the US now clearly bonkers, all it needed was a calm, rational, thinking person to act with wisdom, and their folly would have been exposed for what it is. Instead they are being given a “Get out of the asylum free card”, as Mr Trump does the almost impossible job of making them look sane with his folly.

What you have is an unprecedented situation. Almost everyone in the political and media establishment in the US is now completely nuts (there are odd exceptions, such as Rand Paul). But the President is even more nuts. I guess it would be fun if this were some Third World Banana Republic. But this is the US, for pity’s sake. I’m convinced I’ll win my £0.01 quite soon. But what will be the end of America after the nuts manage to drive the nut from office?

Source: TheBlogMire

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