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Novichok 2.0: Thank Goodness, Normalcy Has Been Restored! Russia Is Mordor Again

Russia is back to being the Mordor in the UK after the briefest of respites for the World Cup

I was beginning to worry after, yet another "mysterious" event with some sort of chemical "weapon" in UK--for days there was no accusations of Russia for this unfortunate incident. I felt very insecure about UK being mum on, obvious, Russian evil plans for killing random UK citizens, that is until couple hours ago--Britain's fire place and pottery specialist in chief finally raised his voice. Reuters:

Russia has committed an attack that resulted in the death of a Briton, defense minister Gavin Williamson said on Monday, linking Russia to the incident after a 44 year-old woman who was poisoned by nerve agent Novichok died. Williamson was asked in parliament about the threat facing people in Britain after the death of Dawn Sturgess on Sunday.  

Finally, the normalcy has been restored and Russia was put back into its proper place of evil Mordor, where dictator Putin and his FSB henchmen plan each day which particular UK citizen will be poisoned by this Novichok thingy. I am also sure that Russians had something to do with resignation of another bright star of increasingly imbecilic UK body politic--BoJo. 

Meanwhile, the closer the date (July 16th) of Trump-Putin summit is, the more hysterical the globalist cabal both in Europe and US will become. In the end, it seems even Siri knows more about outside world than specimens such as Williamson. I wonder what would happen if England wins Croatia and reaches final? Oh boy, UK media lowlifes worked so hard to leave Three Lions with minimal own fans' support in Russia that now, it seems, it will be up to Russians to root for England. Very many will, especially after snafu by couple of Croatian players. Modern western "elites" are, in some important respects, nefarious but with every passing day it becomes increasingly clear that they also are stupid in the extreme.  

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