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Norway Police Say Russia Stopped Nobel Prize Being Awarded to War Criminal Poroshenko

How dare Putin deny the peace prize to one of the greatest killers of our time, runner up to the death toll of prize winner Barack Obama?

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

You never know where Russian agents might turn up - ever ready to execute Vladimir Putin's nefarious designs. 

So the surprise announcement by Norwegian police that they've uncovered an attempt by Russian agents to interfere with the work of the Nobel Peace Prize committee - is actually little surprise. 

According to the story, after information began circulating in the summer of 2015 that Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko was under consideration for the Nobel Prize, two Russian diplomats visited the Nobel Committee’s Secretary, Olav Njolstad.

TASS takes it from there:

"After that visit we wondered if it was an attempt to put pressures on us, so we contacted the Police Security Service," Njolstad told the NRK [Norwegian state TV]. The Norwegian secret service suspects that one of the diplomats who paid a visit to the Nobel Institute’s director was in reality a Russian foreign intelligence officer, and that the visit itself was part of a special operation. 

Right...because after being awarded to Barack Obama, the European Union, and countless dictators and terrorists and miscelanous flunkies, the Nobel Peace Prize is just so prestigious that Putin just couldn't possibly allow it to go to Poroshenko. It would be a foreign policy disaster for the Kremlin! 

Here's how the Russian embassy in Oslo responded:

"We believe it is strange the NRK wastes time and resources on such falsehoods. The NRK should be aware that it is an important aspect of work by diplomats of any country to collect and analyze information regarding foreign and domestic policy and exchange opinions with partners. This is precisely the purpose of all meetings with Nobel Committee officials, including the mentioned one," the embassy said in a commentary.

The Russian diplomats pointed out that the Norwegian secret services find it much easier to obtain better funding and wider powers by systematically making references to a Russian threat. Fighting non-existent challenges is far easier than struggling with real international terrorism, the embassy said.

If the Russians really wanted to harm and discredit coup-president Porky, they would have worked strenuously to make sure that murdering war criminal Poroshenko actually got awarded the peace prize. There would have been no better proof to the world of being a complacent, corrupt, warmongering western puppet politician than to have received this worthless award. 

Chalk this up to another western propaganda fail.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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