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In the North of Russia Bananas Are Growing, in Siberia, Vietnamese Pigs Are Being Raised

The results of the Russian agricultural census have been very surprising

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Behind the cold statistics are amazing stories. Rosstat census takers were so inspired by the first results of the Russian agricultural census that they are planning to publish a collection of interesting things they found. Most of all, the inspectors were impressed by several non-traditional farming techniques .

In Leningrad Oblast, there are banana plantations. In the far North , quince and wild cherry are growing, in Bashkiria – lemons, while the largest areas growing watermelons and melons are in the Orenburg Oblast. (Previously,  the home of melons were Astrakhan and the Volgograd regions.) Other interesting discoveries include seventy hectares of horseradish, and the production of Californian worms and bumblebees for greenhouse pollination.

There are also some surprises in the field of animal husbandry. For example, Yakutia has a few ovchubuki – crosses between a sheep with a northern ram. A large population of  Vietnamese mini-pigs that have became so popular is bred in three regions:  - Vladimir, Voronezh in Central Russia and Tyumen in Siberia. Apparently, they don’t fear the Siberian cold.

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