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Nikki Haley Blames North Korea for Ruining Her Holiday, Threatens War

Ruining Nikki Haley's holiday plans is biggest North Korean atrocity to date

After she called up a UN Security Council meeting to threaten North Korea with military action Nikki Haley then took to her laptop and tweeted out: "Spending my 4th in meetings all day. #ThanksNorthKorea"

How dares North Korea ruin Haley's holiday? 4th of July was clearly not marked as Threaten-North-Korea Day on the calendar. That's what every other day in the year is for.


Threatening a bombing/invasion is almost too mild a reaction here. The US should think about nuking the North wholesale instead.

We're used to a lot from Pyongyang, but changing Haley's holiday plans—that's a level of aggression unheard of since the Kims similarly forced the US to napalm 2 million North Korean civilians to death.

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