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NICE LOGIC: Obama Says Sanctions Will Stay on Russia Until Ukraine Stops Shelling Its Own People

The obligation is on Ukraine to halt its campaign against Donbass, not on Russia

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

It has always been clear to me that Obama is an intelligent person. I would expect his IQ score to be substantially higher than that of his predecessor.

It has also always been equally clear to me that Obama is a fake, a mannequin, i.e. full of crap. Protected and promoted by the media and the US establishment as their golden boy, any questions about his background and qualifications to be president were silenced. He promoted himself as a left-wing reformer to his base supporters, a moderate to conservatives, and he has never been either.

He is simply another Wall Street puppet carrying out their global agenda.

So I am not shocked to read such an illogical statement as the one he just made in Germany, to the effect that Russia is to blame for the failure of Minsk:

U.S. President Barack Obama said on Monday that the West needed to uphold the sanctions it has imposed against Russia over the Ukraine crisis until Moscow fully implements the so-called Minsk peace agreement.

"I want good relations with Russia and have invested a lot in good relations with Russia but we need to keep sanctions on Russia in place until Russia fully implements the Minsk agreements," he said during a visit to a trade fair in Hanover.

Obama's statement does reflect a softening of tone towards Russia by US representatives in recent weeks. But Obama is either not cognizant of, or is deliberately lying about, the responsibility for implementing the Minsk agreements. Everything is to be done by Kiev and the separatists, not by Russia. The regime in Kiev still adamantly refuses to even speak directly with the Donbass separatist leaders. 

Instead, Poroshenko continues his announced policy of forcing Donbass children to hide in basements from his army's terror-shelling, instead of going to school. This is what the pro-western oligarch-run coup regime calls "fighting Russian terrorists" and "Russian aggression."

The first thing necessary for good relations with Russia, and indeed the rest of the world, is honesty and acceptance of political reality by Washington, and rejecting its exceptionalist fantasies. At least, Washington honestly admits it refuses to accept reality. They say at Warmongers Anonymous meetings that the first step is just admitting you have a problem.

As for actually reining in Kiev, stopping the wars in Donbass and Syria, and restoring normal trade relations with Russia -- don't expect that during the waning days of Obama's failed 8-year presidency.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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