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Nice's Lesson: We Need Joint Global Special Services

Europe continues fortifying itself for the imagined war against Russia rather than against the very real threat of terrorism

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is a retired colonel and one of Russia's most respected military analysts.

On this night I was thinking about how we are continually saying that the second Cold War has begun and that the Third World War is about to begin. But for some reason we cannot accept that terrorism has already declared its First World War on humanity, and that what has happened in France (and not only there) actually proves this point.

I think that today humanity is misguided. The US President, who likened Russia to ISIS a few months ago, is urging Europe to take up arms. Europe is being filled with tanks, aircraft and missiles. They are building missile defenses there instead of building a terror defense. And this concerns not only Europe but the whole world, because if we don’t understand today that the main threat to all mankind lies not with bombs and missiles but such things as trucks, triton, and cyclonite bombs planted in aircraft, we are going to shed tears (sorry about that) following French, Egyptian, Syrian and other terror attacks.

Why am I saying that humanity is misguided? Note that NATO increased its military expenditure six to eight times just over the last ten years. But look at the defense budget of the countries where the terrorism prevails. There the defense budget on the fight against terrorism totally fails to meet the actual threat.

I want to ask myself a few questions, which are quite urgent against the background of this hideous tragedy.  

Every time terrorists organize another bloody attack, they send a message to both to the citizens of the given country and to humanity. We have already witnessed dozens of terrorist attacks, but we need to ask ourselves what terrorists want to tell us by their actions. What do they want to tell France, for example?

Of course the Republic turned out to be in the crater of this civilized convergence, incorporating a great amount of different classes from countries near and far… Finally, this high-cultured country behaved in an absolutely vulgar way when it published a series of satirical cartoons of Mohammad. It was said that France was totally unready for such civilized convergence.

And the correspondents of Komsomolskaya Pravda, while visiting France, asked the migrants a question: “Why do you protest against such a policy of France? Why are you setting cars on fire? Why are you taking to the streets and protesting?” They said that this was because the French government failed to create conditions required to be able to integrate into French life in a peaceful and civilized way.

I think that this is just one of the causes. Because there are many mysteries in the nature of terror. What are these causes? So far, we couldn’t answer the political, economic, social, national, religious question. We can’t answer this question so far.

But the major thing is centered around two ideas that are as plain as day. I think that today more than ever, all countries need to answer Moscow's call to create joint global special services that will infiltrate all terrorist organizations. The special service agents should penetrate into the tiniest groups that are yet planning a terrorist attack.

Because today, as you see, terrorism uses not only such vulgar ways for terror attacks as plane bomb attack. Terrorism has already sneaked up to chemical weapons and stretching its bloody hands out to nuclear weapons. Europe must be the first to wake up. Because today terrorism is knocking on the door of France. I can’t guarantee that tomorrow the same won’t happen in happy and safe Italy, Spain or Portugal, for example. The world is facing the world challenge of terrorism, and we need to give the same world a well-coordinated answer. Of course it is the law-enforcement agencies and, first of all, special services, who should speak first. I think that we need to triple and decuple spy rings. Only then will we be able to stem the evil.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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